Alost there, just need some help with eps

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I just got my USCutter 721 mk2. I have also installed singblazer. I got inkscape also. Now I finally got it to work with the correct ports for the usb. I import an image to signblazer that is a jpg, click the image, convert to monochrome, then vectorize. Well, that did not work that well and came out not looking good. So I read on the forum here a lot of people just use inkscape. So I got that, imported the image and saved it as a eps file.

Now when I pull up the image in Signblazer it is just a black square. Also, my signblazer gets hung up and closes down on its own.

So I was thinking maybe it is inkscape or something. So I go to vectormagic, do the free trail and get two images and do the same thing there. When I try to import to SB it just does the same thing and a black image.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help


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