Roland CX-400 tears window tint film during cutting process.

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Happy Holidays to everybody!

I have Roland CX-400 cutter and I'm using it for cutting window tint film with Xpel software.

I have a problem with my cutter. It constantly tears a window tint film.

I tried to find out what have happened - because literally last week it worked fine.

I've noticed that for some reason it started to cut film with one movement - I mean that cutter lowers cutting blade and cut film by moving the material up and down without raising up a cutting blade.

I remember that before it worked different way - it feed necessary amount of material from the roll, which located on the back of the plotter then it has started to cut - lowering blade and pulling material from front to the back of plotter. when it reached last point for this line - it raised up cutting blade and feed material again from back to front. then lower blade again and make next cutting line with pulling material to the back.

To say shorter: before it cut material only on "pull" movement (pulling from front to back) now it tries to cut material without raising blade in both directions - pull and push (from front to back and from back to front) which cause material damage particularly during the "push" (from back to front) movement.

I tried to find any settings in plotter and my computer - but didn't find anything which could help me.

Thank you.

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