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My mh 871 not behaving like it should

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Ok USC form family, I've had my cutter for almost a month now and just last not got it talking to my mac. Thanks again to BannerJohn for posting this link I uninstalled the FTDI driver and installed the one from the TrippLite site. Reinsatlled SCPPro and things started to happen when I sent a cut of the SCPPro logo using the pin, of course. I was ecstatic. When it got to, I think, the 2nd layer cut(plott), my cutter went left. I mean litterally, it went all the way to the left and came back. On the next layer it did'nt cut(plott), it it didn't cut(plott) it all out. When it was all said and done, the layer were offset, there were cuts(plotts) made that nothing to do with the file at all. What could be causimg this!? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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