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I recently snagged up a local Chevrolet Dealer from one of the big sign chains that have a local shop... The other shop did the signage on the van itself, but as a first job we printed up the back window graphics on perf, as well as the side windows for the service vans with designs they had for Breast Cancer Awareness Month....

The car is a 2012 Malibu LS they wanted the payment on the side of it.... It was a bit more work than it should have been- and finding my access to a larger eco-sol printer is a real pain. The shop I partnered with is seeing that I am getting a lot bigger and fast so their making it difficult for me to enlist our agreement for use of their large Mutoh :(

Therefore- anyone that may be willing to print up the side graphics for me, their about 2' x 5' long- preferably on 3M media or wrap material with air release channels let me know how much you would ask for pairs of them.

Thanks again everyone!







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