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Welcome to the US Cutter forum! This forum was created to assist our customers who need assistance and to build a community for our customers. With the forum our customers are able to share information, ideas, work, and help each other with questions that are out of our support boundaries. Our support boundaries include initial plotter setup, plotter hardware support, basic functionality of the plotter, and communications with the computer. US Cutter employees will answer questions in the forum when time allows but with normal job duties it is not easy for our employees to research questions outside of our normal support boundaries, or to monitor every post in this forum. Therefore we ask that if you are having a support issue that needs our attention and can not be resolved from answers in the forum (such as a part replacement) then please contact us directly. We can provide support over the phone but ask that you first try to find a resolution in the forum, and secondly through sending us a detailed email at  If you have exhausted both of these resources then provide your phone number to us through email, or you may call 888-298-8143 Monday-Friday during business hours.

The forum is growing fast so we wanted to set a few basic guidelines that will help keep things organized, friendly, and legal. Please take a moment to review them, check back for updates, and let us know if you have any other suggestions.

1. Do not post graphics unless it is your own work or you are 100% sure it is freeware. If you are unsure please post a web link to the graphics instead of the file.

2. No explicit language or material will be tolerated; let?s keep this appropriate for all audiences!

3. When creating new posts please make the subject line relevant to the topic of the post. For example do not make the subject ?Help me please!? but instead be more specific like ?How do I import graphics to Signcut??

4. Joking, sarcasm, etc must be in good taste and is just fine; but hostility and personal attacks on other members or our company and products will not be tolerated.

5. We reserve the right to move, rename, or delete posts deemed inappropriate.

6. If you see a post you think is inappropriate please report it to us or one of the moderators of the forum.

7. Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU for joining and contributing to the US Cutter forum!

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