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hi all

can the quality if the blade cause it to lift the vinyl on corners? that seems to be the problem i am having, i have tried different press ammounts untill the point it dosent cut the vinyl , changed the ammount the blade comes out of the holder, and the speed, and changed from the etched vinyl i need to use to normal vinyl and the problem still seems to happen,

i am going to be cutting 510 x 710 with 10 x 10 squares spaced 25mm apart form etched vinyl,

any help would be greatly recived

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If you have a magnifying glass, look at the blade and see if the tip is missing or broken off, bent, or just plain dull. Also check inside your blade holder for any pieces of vinyl that may be caught in it or stuck to the bottom. Have you tried lubricating the bearings inside it with a drop of 3-in-1?

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