US CUTTER or Vinyl Express

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ok i am going to be getting a budget cutter and wanted some opinions of quality, dependability and support of these two cutters. both are in same price range and this will be used mostly as a hobby cutter for stencil airbrush work as well as some decals and sandblasting.

the choices are 31" R31 from Vinyl Express or the 34" MH-871 from us cutter..

any and all opinions are welcome, and by the way i think it is great how there is no opinion moderation on this site to get bias opinions for just there products, that is already a plus to them in my book.

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USCutter by FAR .

I was within minutes of buying the $2500 deal from a competitor ( SW ). My buddy had bought that deal a month before . ( This was 4 years ago )I found USCutter thru an E-Bay search . I called & talked to them , then bought a Copma which is the 1rst in the professional ( full time use ) cutter line . It now sells for $750 , it was $600 then . I have been VERY satisfied & my buddy was sick when he tried my Copam out . He still is sick because he thinks my Copam out performs his cutter by far ( so do I :) ).

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