MH Series, SignCut ,and Contour Cutting

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Greetings to all.

After a little thought and researching the topic of contour cutting with a non-optical cutter such as the MH871 I have, in which I say I love the machine for what it does and is...inexpensive, dependable, and a solid performer.

With the thought of purchasing a new software package and the learning curve that requires the efficient use of it, I came upon Paco's and Nucleon's posts attributed to contour cutting with a laserpoint and SignCut Pro. Thanks to both Paco, and Nucleon for their mature, thoughtful posts on many different matters concerning our trade.

After reading Nucleons post "Contour Cutting Tutorial: SignCutProd Pro and the LP24" in this forum, I began my quest to make the technique work for the setup I have, as well as many of other MH users who desire to do contour cutting along printed decals. And it works like a charm.....

First and foremost, visit Nucleon's post in this forum; "Contour Cutting Tutorial: SignCutProd Pro and the LP24". Read it as it was very plain to me, but do understand his details that he's laid out.

This is what I've done differently from his tut that made it all snap into place and work flawlessly, at least on smaller batch runs.

{Access your download folder with the Ai templates within the SignCut registration templates folder. Open the letter sheet bombsight template in Illy. Using the rectangle tool, draw a square stroke precisely surrounding the bombsights and save as...


{click on and discard the bombsights. (I would do this step only after you test the registration and have it understood) Now when you load your vinyl or paper into the cutter, use the outermost corner of the square that you drew around the discarded bombsights as your new registration and origin point. Make certain that you jog the carrier to the right side to align the paper precisely.


(There is only the need for one registration mark to actually be utilized. You will set your origin to the outermost corner of the small box.

Check and recheck and recheck again until you get the registration and origin precise. And use your plotter pen in the cutting blade holder while you test. It took me many attempts to undertake the process, but only a few after I thought it through with help from the above-mentioned post.


{In this example, you do not need to draw a perimeter around the entire page, unless, of course, you'd like to add that as a weeding panel.


I've done various sizes of multiple shapes and it is all flawless, so far. But remember, you must be precise. As for CD or Inkscape, I haven't tried. However, I really don't see that much of a difference in the designing programs.

And one last point, as Paco and Nucleon also stated....your offset in SignCut should be set at 0 0;

Have fun!

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