CS1200 Y-axis not giving actual size after cutting/plotting

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P-Cut CS1200

Win 7, FlexiSign 8.6v2, Illustrator CS5 wih Creation P-Cut Plugin

I tried to cut/plot a few rectangulars with sizes below:-

no. x-axis y-axis

1 50mm 50mm

2 50mm 100mm

3 50mm 150mm

I checked each rectangular and found out that the y-axis is not cut to actual size.

50mm becomes 47.5mm which is 2.5mm different

100mm becomes 95mm which is 5mm different

150mm becomes 142.5mm which is 7.5mm different

every 50mm at y-axis I got 2.5mm different. Imagine if I cut 2000mm long I will shorter by 100mm!!

I've also tested changing the size on X-axis and it is perfect.

Anyone can help me? Thanks!




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Check the control panel menu on the cutter. It has an option to adjust the X and Y axis scale. Try increasing your Y-axis scale and run another test.

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I've tried to look at the control panel on the machine.

I cant find the X/Y scale setting in my P-cut CS1200

It only have this functions below. Is it normal or something missing with the firmware. I cant tell you the f/ware version till i get home tonight (GMT+10)

*execute file (this is to plot from the SD card on the machine)

*set parameters

-speed (set 30 lowest)

-force (set 110)

-reservation (i dont know what is this for, after enter this option, it ask to set pressure)

-force (set 120)

-red dot offset

*other function

-set def. parameters (this is factory reset)

-auto working (tried that and it plot like graph, the paper keep going backwards instead coming forward)

-Y cut length (showing total length the machine cutted)

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You've got some odd settings in that control panel. It's not a regular "Pcut" machine? Maybe you could ask the folks you bought it from? Or maybe Flexsign has a scaling option. Can't help with that. Sorry...

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