EH 721 grinds and shreds vinyl after pausing

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Hi everyone, this is my first post on USCutter and as you would have guessed from my name, I'm from Australia.

The EH 721 I bought off ebay 6 months ago is my second Refine machine. I had the first for about 3 years, and never had a problem until late last year, so I bought this new one, and have had this problem with it since day one. I really hope someone can help, as I have tried doing some research and haven't found anyone who has this same problem. It is still under a 12 month warranty, but I have to pay a couple of hundred $$ to send it to a different state and back, so I rather have a crack at fixing it myself first.

I'm not sure if the EH 721 is the same model in Australia as the American MH721, but I'm guessing they're very similar.

The software I use is VinylMaster Pro, on a Win XP machine with SP3, and Illustrator CS2 with a plugin. the problem happens if I use either program.

The problem is: When I send a small job to the machine, it cuts it perfectly, but when I send a large job that needs to be divided into a few memory loads, when the machine pauses to load the next chunk, it grinds a bit before pausing, and when it resumes the cutting, the pressure goes up and the blade starts shredding the vinyl. The only way to stop this is for me to stay next to the machine and very quickly change the pressure up then down simultaneously, then the cutting resumes as normal until the next memory loading. Also worth mentioning that this happens about 90% of the times, but not always.

Any ideas on why this happens? has anyone had this same problem? I would really appreciate any help as I'm sick of sitting next to the machine when I could be doing other things while the machine does its job.


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I don't have this machine, but it is noted all over this forum that the MHseries cutters have limited memory and cannot handle large designs. You can upgrade the memory.

Also a Keyspan adapter, That is the Brand name. Can be purchased at UsCutter Ebay, and several other places.

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Thanks for the reply Skeeter, I'll order the memory unit, and see if it helps. I did read about the memory problems, but didn't think this is related.

I'd still like to hear from others who have a similar problem.



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