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Need 200 static lings done

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What size Static Cling are you looking for? How thick, for car or business window?

Paul I don't know if there is a nice way to put this but with -77 reputations do you really think anyone in their right mind would deal with you?

Conde has an article you need to read. As many others have already said and apparently you just don't get it you should have fixed the problem you had with the forum member.

By Steve Conde

The words stick in my throat. I want to defend myself and explain why I made a mistake on a customer’s product – “It was because I couldn’t read their handwriting” or “It wasn’t my mistake at all!”

What do you say when a customer brings a product back with a mistake on it? Do you huff up and want to tell them 12 reasons why it wasn’t your fault? “If the customer hadn’t spelled it wrong on the paper brought me, I wouldn’t have spelled it wrong either!” Some people expect us to not only make the product but do their proofreading as well.

What should be the first words out of your mouth when that product comes back? You know the answer and so do I – its “I’m sorry” and it must be spoken with meaning, even when it isn’t your fault.

“I’m sorry” can smooth out a lot of rough paths. Sure, you may be right as to why that word is spelled wrong or why you printed the thing upside down but you know that in the end, you will have to make another one, so why bother making excuses? Just say, “I’m so sorry” and get to work.

I think there are three things that make a personalization business successful: One, you deliver your product on time. Two, you do it right the first time. Three, when you don’t do it right the first time, you race to correct the error with a smile and sincere apology.

Companies spend billions telling people how great they are but then destroy it all when something goes wrong and a customer complains. Don’t you make that mistake! When there is a mistake, choke it down, apologize (no matter who is at fault) and make another as fast as you can. Making excuses, often disguised as “explanations”, only makes things worse.

“I’m sorry”. There, I’ve said it. “I’m sorry!”. “I’m s-o-o-o sorry!” Now, that didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. Now, I need to try it with a real customer. Join me?

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this whole business with screenprintr and the deal-gone-wrong is none of my business, but i see no reason to vote every single post down when they have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with what had happened.

i don't know the story and i'm not interested in the details. his post above is asking a simple question with the intention of gathering information in order to HELP the original poster of this thread. it has nothing to do with anything previously done. voting every post down is immature and irrational. with that in mind, he wouldn't have a reputation of -77 would he? almost every post i can find from him seems to be attempting to help in some fashion (most of the time very successfully.) i'm not defending him in any fashion, as again, i don't know what had happened earlier. i'm only calling it as i see it.

its ridiculous. i'm tired of seeing it throughout the forum.

there, i've said my piece.

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