Rodger; a "very competent computer person"? Wonder who? Anyways, the PDF file download is totally benign. It's a good set of instructions on bypassing the protection of the program and basically what the patch program does when you run that. The PDF just shows how to do it the old fasioned way... And Thank You Thomas for creating and posting it! As far as the OllyDbg program link to in the PDF file. Well, it's also a nice old fasioned program debugger. Programmers use them all the time. They are only dangerous if you use it and screw up some other program. The author states: "OllyDbg 1.10 is a 32-bit assembler-level analyzing debugger" and that is exactly what it is. If you know nothing of debugging and have never hacked a program of any sorts, you're probably bewtter off not playing with it. For me, I am very appreciative of Thomas' work and pointing me to OllyDbg as I never saw that one before but will find a good use for it here as I am a programmer and use debuggers. So if you're afraid of screwing something up on your computer or have never hacked into someone else's program, I'd suggest ignoring the whole thing and going the way of the patch program. Which by the way, most anti-virus program do flag as a threat even though it's not. Don't worry, be happy.... Someone is just trying to help out others where that patch program doesn't work. No threats involved but a potential of creating a non-working program which can be easily re-installed if all else fails.
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