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so i got this cutter at an estate sale, i thought it would be a nice addition to my seiki.

of course, it came with NO cables, so i just used a regular power cable and serial cable.

after a few calls to tech support, nobody was able to determine what cutter i have. the best guess was a king cut or p cut.

there is written in paint pen on the back "CT 630". works (i had to turn the hardware OFF in the com settings) but instead of cutting from right to left, it cuts from left to right, mirrored!


any ideas on how to fix this?

win xp pro sp3

flexisign pro 8

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I read that some cutters are just this way, but the standard is right to left of course. Don't think there is anyway to change it.

actually i simply selected MIRROR in flexi and that fixed it.

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