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I have had the 871 since this past fall using SB and Inkscape with no issues at all cutting anywhere from 1/4" lettering to big designs and 4" lettering and even had upgraded the memory . That came to a sudden change a few weeks ago and can`t quite get it right again . A few weeks ago it was cutting horrible and acting like someone changed all my settings . Anyways , after trying different speed , pressure , and offset settings I decided to try a new blade and seemed to make things better , but not as good as it was . Went to cut a few things last week and back to not cutting that great , big or small lettering or designs .

After talking to a buddy that has been cutting a little longer then me with a 721 told me to try grounding the unit . So I ran a ground wire from a screw on the cutting unit , to to a screw on the stand and even ran a wire to the outlet screw cover , to ensure it was fully grounded . I adjusted my settings back to when it was cutting great - 24 speed , 120 force , and .30 offset . Cuts better but even when I line up say 6 cuts for the exact same name , same font , it will not cut every one clean at 1/2" tall .

I could cut 1/4" lettering with minimal issues previously . I just can`t seem to get it to cut clean like it used to and notice sometimes on bigger 1" lettering it would cut some letters jagged . I always make sure the blade holder is clean and the blade is free moving .

Anyone have any ideas or experience this ?

I`d appreciate any help .

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