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My MH721 has just started having this problem. It is now cutting with the cuts being jagged or sometimes it looks like its ripping the vinyl. Im using a clean cut blade and it shouldnt be having this problem. I just need the machine to last a few months longer so i can get a Graphtec.

Any help on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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its not cutting through the backing though so the pressure and depth i didnt think would be a problem. its cutting at 60 for pressure and 4 for speed.

look at the tip of the blade, make sure you didn't break the tip off, Take the blade holder out in your hand and try cutting some vinyl, make sure also there are not any pieces of loose vinyl in your blade holder, try a drop of 3-1 oil in blade holder. make sure the blade is spinning freely. Make sure carriage head is firmly in the tracks.

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