Will someone vectorize this for me?

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I killed my Corel Draw program. Charges are pending.

If you can turn this into a vector for me you'd be a rock star. And that is huge. Really. It is.

You don't  need to clean it up or anything, I can do that in sign blazer. I just need to be able to play with it. I know we should be able to vectorize in signblazer, but it's never worked for me. I just need the arrow part vectorized, not the wording. It's not a copyrighted image.

Thanks a bunch. You're the best. I'm pretty sure.



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Might try down loading inkscape..

There are several tutorials here on this forum to learn simple vector techniques for this one...

It's a free DL and simple after you get the hang of tracing with the pen tool...This pic would be a great starter for learning the program...


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