Affordable engraver that does more than just engrave.

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I wanted a desktop engraver but I sure didnt want to spend 3-14 grand on one that will only let me engrave. I know I dont have to spend that kind of money to get a better machine to allow me to do much more.

So anyways heres my machine I designed, should have it completed and running in a couple weeks.








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Hey Slick,

Yea lots of low budget machines there.

This isn't, this machine has about .0005 tol.

No All Thread etc.

Just about have all the ordered parts in will start machining the rest of the parts for this machine soon and hopefully within the next two weeks I'll have pics/video. When I have it finished I'll list the specs.

Cheapo machines disapoint after the cool factor wears off. I know this, 9 years ago I built my first CNC machine. Was a cheap"er" machine with all thread and HDPE body ($800.00+s/h+rotozip) but tol were horriable. Engraving needs more tol than most hobby cnc parts. Logos and letters get real small in detail and it shows.

Anyways thanks for looking,

Eric ;)

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i know what you mean you get what you pay for i see it all the time. good luck hope to see pics soon

if you guys want to buy a engraving machine let me know

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