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Angered with people of USCutter

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For the record, (not that anyone is keeping score), all 3 of the tickets that Kabar has submitted have been replied to.  Dec 16th he was told that the piece in question is not sold separately, (lamentablemente no tenemos solo esa pieza, tenemos los carriage completos) as well as on Dec 22nd, (no tenemos la pieza separada, solo tenemos el carruaje completo).  Both times given the link to order the carriage. The third ticket, we have requested an image of the piece in question to see if we can better identify his needs.

The ticket system does work,but its a two way agreement.

We are always available for assistance and support at 888-298-8143.

Hmmm  the plot thickens as we get the other side of the story 


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To US Cutter shipping (that was the mane?)

first at all where they do response de thicket. I never received an eMail to my gmail posted in the ticket.


Apparently the only solution is to buy the entire carriage.

This is it.

final discuttion.


By the way I wondering how is possible you can have it that samll part...

Thanks good is not a car, and I don't need just an carburator or something like that. Mabe they only sell the finished engine!!!!

thanks good that  we only talks about a plotter!!!!

OK.already now when type of service post selling to wait...NONE!

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Just curious as to how tickets are replied to?  Is it an email back?  Or you you need to check this board somewhere?

Kabar, have you checked your spam folder?  I quite often find replies I am expecting in that folder.

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