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Trouble posting more than a few paragraphs

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Hi there,

I was trying to reply to someone in a thread with a few paragraphs, and I keep getting browser errors and the entry wouldn't post.

I am running this SMF site in Compatibility View under Explorer (latest version under Windows 7). I run all SMF sites in Compatibility View, since there is a bug where line breaks stop working if one types too much (Compatibility View fixes this).

I also run my own SMF site, and have no trouble posting long posts, or the exact post I am trying to post here which is about a few paragraphs long.

I've cleared my cookies, history, passwords, etc. and tried logging out and in again, but same problem.

Since I can post to my own SMF site, my browser is obviously working, and stored passwords aren't the culprit either.



This post works fine too, inexplicably.

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