Any and all feedback please...

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I found a VE ultra GRC76s for a fairly low price......maybe.

No cables

no Dongle

no software

no idea if parts are around any more for it.

Anyone have experience with one of these and what do you think of the quality and track record.

Being very new I have on equipment or sign software yet so am I asking for trouble with this machine? ;D

Thanks in advance

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;D I've never met anyone that has not had some trouble with their plotter, that said I would have to be getting an incredible deal on something no longer found as a topic of some forum or blog.

Also, I've never heard of the device myself. And, if you can find it as a supported item on the manufacturers web site then that's a consideration.

Personally I'd pass and search ebay for some of their better deals. I purchased a brand new plotter a couple years ago for $180 complete with stand, basket, extra blades and flexi pro so the deals are there if your patient.

Lots o luck!!!


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Cool thanks Jay!

Yea I was told that in its day (5 to 7 years ago) this was a great maching.

for $100 it's a low risk investment. Plus I have heard horror stories about the ebay cheapo cutters and dont want the headaches but I may have the same problem with this.

Tough call.

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