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Couple of Mirrors

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Hi Just a couple of mirrors I did last week, both are gifts for friends.

First one is Christ The Redeemer, iconic statue in Brazil, for a brazilian friend.

Was blasted from the back, and the border is supposed to be green and the figure is yellow to include the colors of their flag. Is hard to see but the colors are there, not as bright as I wanted them to be, but I used plain vinyl since we were ready to go and the mirror was the last thing and wife was driving me crazy.

Second one is for a friend from Argentina, just used her name on the map, just a simple design. Blasted from the back too, and this time I used some golf leaf I have around here, I don't know for sure, but the term is gilding or similar, might be wrong on that. It really gives a antique-y feel to the design, like an old map. Just wanted to share since is rare when I post some of my work here.







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