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How to adjust Blade Depth for PCut

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This was posted several years ago on Signforums and works for me every time I change blades.

Take the blade holder out of the machine and adjust the blade so that when you run your finger over it, you can JUST feel the tip of the blade. Now hold it vertical like a pen and drag it across a scrap of vinyl, it should cut thru but not the backing (don't over do the down pressure on it ). Replace the blade holder and adjust pressure until you can cut thru the vinyl and just mark the backing paper. Cut a star about an inch big with long points, if it lifts the points it is still too deep If it's small lettering, slow the speed down. If it's a jagged cut, it's too deep.

Creation manuals aren't very clear and the diagrams are a bit deceptive as it shows the blade sticking out a fair way when in fact you have to really look to see the very tip that is just showing when you hold the blade holder up to the light.

Hope this can help someone.


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