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Extending laminate 1/16th over graphic

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For all us guys & gals printing graphics on the epson printers, I was stuck in traffic today and was thinking about how to contour cut the laminate 1/16th of an inch BIGGER than the graphic in order to create a total seal of the printed surface so water cant get in underneath it. 

Ive come up with this process, wondering if anyone has a better way,

1. shrink yer graphic down 1/16th of an inch overall to allow for the oversized laminate.

2. Create the contour line around the graphic.

3. Create a second contour line 1/16th of an inch outside of the first one.

4. Print the graphic with the registration points

5. Run the graphic thru the contour cutter to cut both contour lines

6. Weed out ONLY the vinyl BETWEEN the contour lines.

7. Laminate the print

8. Goto your software and delete the inner contour line.

9. Run the graphic thru the cutter again to cut the laminate

10. Weed off the excess laminate and vinyl with the registration points on it.

Anyone have an easier way???

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Nope I did not, what I found was there is no need to have the laminate stick out past the edges of the decal, all that does is make an air pocket around the edge of the decal. I printed them, laminated them and then contour cut them both at the same time and had a few on my truck for a few months now with ZERO damage to any of them. Im pretty confident that cutting them both at the same time is fine for long term usage.


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Nope, no peeling at all. Thats not to say I would do big car graphics with it but for small "bumper sticker" type stuff where the customer isnt expecting 5 years out of it you should be fine.

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