Rebel Flag Mirror

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Hey everyone been quite some time since Ive posted been very busy

Heres the latest

Its a 18x24 mirror that was blasted and painted from the backside

Then the eagle was blasted on the front giving a frosted look

this was one of those  (I wonder what this will look like things)

Heres the result  Hope you enjoy



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that is very nice.what kind off paint are you using.and are you blasting were the red/blue is then painting or how.i started sand blasting.but not that good.

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Will try to answer some questions

As far as the paint I usually use krylon in a rattle can but it was a little cold yet for that so I used some acrylic enamel and a foam brush nothing special

Yes I blasted the red and blue areas I used some oracal 651 for a mask (for the stars and stripes) then the mirror backing was blasted off leaving only the stars and stripes still mirrored

then I made the mask of the eagle again using some 651 and applied that mask to the front of the mirror and then blasted it

then you just paint the blasted areas on the back of the mirror

one thing to remember depending on what youre making a mask of you might have to mirror cut your mask so it wont be backwards on your mirror

As for the eagle its on brands of the world just type in eagle in the search bar

I hope I didnt confuse anyone

Thanks for all the comments

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Guest Schramm


Really nice looking mirror I do that type of tone overs alot and it is a really nice effect.  Food for thought make sure you put a layer of shellac between the paint you have on there and then apply another coat of spray paint if that is the way you are going to do it and it will last a lot longer.  As long as it is framed you will be fine but you cannot glue this to the wall (not that you plan on doing it) with that spraypaint even if it is etched.  Another thing if you want to color the eagle in the front you can use rub-n-buff and get a great effect and the glass can still be washed once the rub n buff dries in about 1 hour.

Top notch looking mirror and keep posting them!

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I really couldnt say what I would charge for this 

I have quite a bit of time in this one & I just wanted to see the effect that I got by doing it this way

I get the mirrors at wallyworld for $10

If all I do is blast the front I usually get $25-$30 out of them 

If blasted and painted usually $35-$40 

I took 12 mirrors to a car show last year to a freinds booth sold all 12 and had people asking for more

Who wouldve thought huh

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