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Grouping objects with Flexi pro

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I'm pretty new to the business and trying to learn just a portion of what's to know about all of our software..

I was making a sign the other day to put a farmer's name on his new combine.  Starting with the letter "S" I then made a horizontal line (Flexi for some reason calls it a "rectangle"!!!)  off the top of the "S" and to the right of the letter.  Even after using the "group" option the 2 pieces of the file were still showing cut lines that I didn't want.

1.  So if you're joining 2 lines (or a line and a letter) together,  how do you eliminate the cut lines that this produces? If it can be done inside Flexi Pro I can't find it

2. After I put the line at the top of the "S" there was a small wedge of the "S" showing under the left end of the line I added to it.  Is there an eraser in Flexi that can be used to erase parts of a design that you don't want there AND how to you eliminate any unwanted cut lines that will be created when you do this?

I was under the im[ression that this $4,000 program the the "real-deal" designer software but  other than it's ability to allow you to write text and send it to a cutter or printer, it's not popping my bubble.!!

Thanks to all for any help.

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