Guest kenya

Finished 2 more signs today.

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Guest kenya

It's been a great month, so far.

Delivered these signs this morning & collected the deposit on 4 more signs from two other businesses.  :DB)

Paid off the graphtec...... it will be coming soon...... WOOHOO !!  :D

And I would like to say Thank You to mark-s for the truss graphics..... I appreciate the help.  :o





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Those look good. Congrats on all the new work too. :D

You'll be surprized at how FAST Beacon Graphics gets that new Graphtec to your door.

I called and paid my Graphtec and FlexiSIGN Pro off and in Less than 2 days it was HERE even with Free UPS shipping.

I was truely impressed with Beacon, first class business all around.

Watch the vids on the graphtec DVD. Good info on it. Done by Mark Rugen for them.

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