FlexiSign .FS file needs converting please ;-)

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Hi i use to use flexi sign but then the place i was working at i quit to go on my own, and im using Winpcsign - now not FlexiSign,

i have a file i need converting from .FS back into .EPS so i can open it up in my other program

can any one please help :thumbsup:

file attached

the file attached is a .FS file but inorder to upload it i had to rename it so when you download it just re-name it back to a .FS file ;-)

Thanks in advance.



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I don't know if you can do this in pcsign. I bought that pile of garbage and sent iot right back to them, BUT see of you can "export" the file on the "File" part of the menue, then export it to a folder as an EPS file.

If that doesn't work I'm no help!

Save your nickles and dimes and get even a USED copy of Flexi. you'll take that pcsign and run it through your paper shredder!!!!!!!!!!  I paid $1400 for my Flexi 8.5 off ebay and it's the real deal.

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