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What software is compatible with Macs?

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Hi, does anyone know if Signblazer or Sign cut or any of these will work with a Mac? I had a PC I was using and tonight it won't turn on, so I need an alternate until I can get that PC checked out.

Also I have a PCut 630

Thanks in advance

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Flexi, Flexi starter, SignCutPro

look around the forum, or better do a search (at top of page), there are a pelethera.. palethera.. a whole lot of conversations on the apparently ONLY two cutting programs for Apple's Mac-pc.

:thumbsup:  for example there are 6 conversations in this forum near the top of the page, specifically on Mac cutting & software.  

I have both, Fs & SCP,  there are some basic differences in the interface,

a note; when reading remember that the flexi for Mac and the flexi for windows are slightly different,

And as a temp fix, Sign Cut does have a "rental" system, so you could use it for a month, several months, year, etc at a lesser cost.  But it is a plug in for illustrator or other regular graphics program, so you will need that also.  Flexi starter Mac is about $150 has a rudimentary graphics, highly recommend illustrator for creation of graphics.

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NCI Magisign = an Illustrator plug in cutting, $600

Flexi Pro = a full blown graphics & cutting, $2000

Flexi starter = a very simple graphics & cutting interface, $150

Sign Cut Pro = a plug in for several graphic programs, cutting only,

Here are the current prices

SignCut-X2 3-Months Subscription  $36 

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