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Cutting on PCUT 630 from Rhino3D or AutoCAD?

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I just got a PCUT 630 and am trying to cut line drawings that I have created in Rhino3D.  When I import these to SignBlazer as .AI or .DXF only half my lines show up (after changing view to wireframe mode). These are simple designs... less than 100 splines, all in the 2D construction plane, no embedded bitmaps.  Have also tried generating a vector PDF but SignBlazer can't deal with those.  I have outsourced the cutting by sending these PDFs to sign shops to cut.  Those shops handled these files, as PDFs, just fine.

What are you guys doing to cut designs on PCUT cutters from Rhino3D or AutoCAD?

I must say I am unimpressed with SignBlazer and would pay money for a signcutting program that works reliably (reluctantly because the cutter is advertized as coming with software that does this).  Better yet a printer driver for the PCUT 630 through which I can set any device parameters as needed and then send HPGL to it, this is the way all HPGL plotters work.

Will post this question to the SignBlazer foum too, but if you have any suggestions for other programs that do this and actually work, I'm all ears.

Thanks for *all* suggestions and sorry if my frustration is showing through :-)

Have tried to attach a sample file but this forum rejects DXF file attachments.


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I believe Signblazer, is limited into what  types of files it can import,,  This is a free software mind you,,, and cannot to date be improved. as the owner passed away a while back.  I personally use  Flexistarter 8.5  and the files you mention are in the drop downbox as importable thru Flexistarter  here is a chart that shows what Flexi imports

Flexistarter can be bought on EBAY and at Us Cutter,96,44

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