What a mess! Look at this picture

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Sorry but in here but, I too am new to the whole vinyl cutting scene. And by what you guy say here about the picture of the blade being too far out well, I guess my is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  to far! LOL

When it is cutting, is it normal that you can see the blade? I mean cutting and turning? Is the blade holder supposed to be flush to the shoulder against the cutter clap?

This could be a good reason I am getting different results on same vinyl?

Use the half of a credit card rule for adjusting the depth of your blade. I actually get out a credit card and hold the tip of the blade up to it to adjust it. Your blade is out so far it is cutting clear through the paper backing an all. once you get the depth correct then you can adjust your pressure to compensate for areas where it gets too deep or doesn't cut through correctly.


Here's an image of my blade.  I guess it's out too far, because it's sure not 1/2 of credit card.  So if it should be 1/2 credit card depth, then it would barely be sticking out. 


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