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WinPC Sign? Can I use this from another cutter???

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Looking at WinPC Sign 2007 software but it's from CraftRobo or Wishblade machine designed by SignMax, it comes with the Dongle thing could I use this software for my uscutter MH871?

Or are these programs set up propriety? And can only be used with the maching they were supposed to sell with?

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Can't go to settings when you don't own or have it.

I was asking because a used dongled winpc sign 2007 that was packaged with or meant for the two cutters I mentioned from signwarehouse was up for auction on ebay.

It's over now so don't matter much now.

IF it was compatable I was gonna bid, it was sitting at $15.00.

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they cover numereous machines    here is the 2009 version,   I have  the 2007 Pro version, ,  but really don't like it, and don't use it, I'm  spoiled with Flexistarter,,

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I have read(on the winsignforum) nothing good about the signwarehouse package.

The one speedoggy replied with is where I bought my last cutter 24" with

software for $225.00.

I have been using winsign for about 6yrs, It`s my main design and cut software I use the pro version,

althou I do have Flexi pro 7.5,AI-CS 4 full suite,Corel 14.

The refine cutters are listed in the plotter codes.

Not sure about the craft cutter without a model #.


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Ive seen that, its $299.00 plus $29.00 to ship, BIG difference from the $15.00 the used 2007 version was sitting at and sold for $35.00. lol

But being a Signwarehouse version with a signwarehouse Training DVD along with it a Manual, I wasn't sure nor the owner wheather it was compatible with other cutters or just the signwarehouse ones they had listed.

I was gonna try it as I am not liking messing around with the defunked signblazer elements and not getting very far with it.

I think theres one or two silent videos for SBE on youtube that I was able to find.

I learned Adobe Photoshop with the help of training DVDs, ALOT easier than I'm learning anything on SBE just pressing buttons, the pdf is for the full versions of signblazer and I dont like reading and searching reading and searching then trying to do somthing and have to go searching to read some more.

I am and always have been a hands on learner not a book reading learner.

Too bad SBE didn't have more support, youtube vids would help me out alot and much quicker learning it. I play around and click something and a line is there, or something else, I start looking to read and see just what the heck that is and cant find it so only alternative is to shut down SBE and relaunch it.

I cant even find a way to trash/delete the thing im trying to work on to start another sign without having to just shut sbe off and relaunch it and those friggin NAG screens about it being a dang trial are for the birds. :thumbsup:

Frustrated I guess and looking for a similar program with support that is not out of business.

I did purchase an 18 hour training dvd set by Total Training, used, on ebay the other day, I used them and Lynda.coms training dvds for photoshop and they both are very good at software training dvd's or cd's.

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Have you tried learning Inkscape?    With Inkscape (which is free) and Flexistarter you can do  just about anything that Sign Blazer does...  And Flexistarter8.6 is $99 and Free Shipping on ebay...

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No I haven't.

I have Illustrator 9 full retail boxed version on this computer I use for web surfin and I have Illustrator CS2 Education version on the computer I just setup for the MH871, I have a 18 hour DVD training course for the CS2 on its way, should be here in a few days.

I have it might as well watch and learn it some.

I'd rather not use open source software.

I plan on upgrading my Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2 to CS 5 when it comes out and then both will be fully licensed up to date versions. Adobe seems to update them every 2 years so I want to wait for CS5 insterad of upgrading to the available CS4.

I bought the Edu versions while taking a class at the local community college a few years ago, so I qualified for them at the time, only used Photoshop to mess around with my own digital photos for my personal use, I totally Forgot I had also bought the CS2 Illustrator at the same time never installing it on my computers, found it in the box I keep all my softare and still have the adobe boxes and all the manuals inside still wrapped in shrink wrap. 

Got them out now and installed Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 on the newly setup computer just for photos and this cutter stuff.

I'm gonna keep pluggin away with this SignBlazer for now, as I would like to use it to make stickers and window signs and maybe a banner or two.

Still can't get images into it, the only thing I was able to find is the "welcome to signblazer cut test file" thing.

Under File, Inport I see nothing in it, there wasnt even a choice for My Documents, I manually typed in a my docunents with the New Folder button but it shows me nothing at all.


I'll play with it some more I guess.


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John I usually just get the best program I can afford.

Sure theres things like inkscape or gimp, but there pretty much like signblazer, no real support, surf the web to find it or figure it out on your own. SBE dosn't even have the MH871 listed as a cutter so when you choose the others the scales are set for those two sized cutters, little things like that bug me.

Popular or industry standard software usually comes with very good support and good trustworthy updates with improvements on a pretty regular basis.

I bought my Nikon D50 a few years ago with a couple lenses I started out buying Adobe Elements (Photoshops baby brother) after using it awhile and becoming a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) I decided to upgrade to the best digital photography software, and that is, Photoshop. (I joined for the Magazine and the written and video tutorials, I am by NO means a pro at photoshop)

Some may use Gimp, but i'd rather use Photoshop, it's worth the cost to me.

I already have Illustrator CS2 Education version now and upgrading it to CS4 or CS5 when it comes out will bring it up to a Fully Licenced Version that I could use commercially, Legally.

I'm holding off trying to wait for CS5 to come out and upgrade both my Photoshop and Illustrator CS2's, as it is now I only use them for my home use enjoyment but once upgraded to CS4 or 5 I can use both anyway I want home use or commercial for profit use.

I just bought Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4 today on ebay for $49.99 with Free shipping.

Most sign shops in my area use Corel and theres support for it as well. Buy a few yards of vinyl from a local shop here and there and get a few tips and tricks while shooting the breeze.  :)

I have made some headway with SignBlazer today, I Finally got "My Documents" and its contents to show up in SBE's file, import, thing (sorta looks like a stripped down version of Adobe Bridge)

Some images show and some don't at all.

Then that SignWarehouse CD that they have been selling of Ebay for $1.00 with Free shipping (saw it talked about on this forum so I nabbed one myself) only ONE image shows up, a cows head, all the rest are blank white squares or rectangles. :D

I open Adobe Illustrator and go to File, Browse and adobe bridge opens up and Every single one is shown and in high quality, adobe bridge has a size slider at the bottom that you slide and can see your images from small multiples on the screen in bridge to seeing just one image, thats the kinda Quality I want in software from the get go.

SBE's viewer everthing looks all jagged and pixelated, at least on a 24" wide format lcd. (SBE may not have been open source, but it wasn't ready for the big leagues either.)

Thats basically why I have always stayed away from open source stuff.

Or emerging software choosing to wait for it to mature and be refined more.

I want the company the have it all worked out, so I don't have to.

I like software thats Ready for Prime Time.  :)

Maybe I'll get used to it after awhile, time will tell.

Oh and I did manage to make a decal 6"x6" of that fuzzy round guy leaning against a wall with one hand and giving the single finger salute with the other hand.  :thumbsup:

And I made 3 - 8.5"x8.5" decals of the Eagle with a tear in it's eye and even Mirrored one to face the other way so when applied to the side windows on my van he will be facing the same direction on both sides.

I'm in a RUSH to learn some of this, I know and it gets me frustrated when things don't go as I think they should.

I have a Surprize 25th wedding anniversary party to go to for a couple that I have known for most of my life and want to make them a banner, I bought a 2'x6' banner when I placed my order and the party is SOON, guess I'm in panic mode now to get some of this learned fast.  :D


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I myself got my WinPCSign bundled with another brand cutter, Master Brand.

I got it awhile ago, however it only came bundled with drivers for the master brand plotter...

Mine, which is version 12, letter edition, did not even come with a dongle.

However, the demo version available on the net, has ALL the drivers with it...

They install pretty much the same, It is possible to copy the drivers from the demo, into the Full version, and have all the drivers available for you to use.

Im not 100% on the dongle or if it looks for a paticular brand cutter or not, I Dont believe that it would...

Theres a reason why it is a cheaper version as it probably only has drivers for one selected plotter

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I am using a program that was written many years ago for the AMIGA Computer originally and converted to the PC in 1996 and it is the simplest and easy to use but isn't supported anymore, It is small enough to put on a single Floppy Disk.

I have been using this program extensively since 1993 and changed computers a number of times and have not have problem one.

It uses HPGL to drive the Plotter and I think all Plotters have a HPGL driver.

The cut files I use are .DXF  exec because most all programs use .DXF

The only drawback I find is that it uses Agfa Graphic Fonts but once fonts are set up in another program such as Inkscape Corel Draw or Inkscape and converted to .DXF it doesn't make any difference.

This program is just used to ouput to the Plotter.

The program is less than 600 KB and is flawless.

If I send it to you, I will not be responsible for any problems!!!

Bob Bigart


P.S. The name of the program is PLANS

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