Flexi 7.0 v2 build 0138 W/ Laserpoint 48" How do I set it up?

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:- Hello,

My Name is John Hopkins...I have a Laserpoint 48 by UsCutter and I have flexisign pro 7.0 v2 build 0138... My computer crashed and I had to use the back up computer...this is an old computer with 533mhz pentium III processor and 288mb of ram...when I open a file to cut and I select the cut/rip button everything looks great....the production manager opens and it even sends the output to the cutter except that whatever it is cutting is not what i sent to it. I tried to load the setup again but i am not finding either the creation pcut or the uscutter in the list! Help me please i have a 1000 sticker run that is overdue by a week because my computer crashed and i am going to lose this job!


John D. Hopkins

if anyone is really in a good mood :police: they can call me directly at 530-330-9140 and walk me through this.... :angel:I REALLY NEED THAT TO HAPPEN! I am supposed to have my booth open at the racetrack tomorrow and If this cutter isn't functional then that will be still more money lost that I cannot afford!!!  :'(

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Please download and install the USCutter driver pack which is linked at the top of the Flexi section of the forums. Make sure the software is closed when installing the driver pack. Once the pack is installed go into the production manager and add a new setup. Please select the LP 48 and the correct port. If you do not know what port you are using you can check in the Device Manager of Windows under the Ports (Com & LPT) section. This should solve your problem.

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Be "nice" if the driver sw reference (mentioned on a few postings)
referred to a "pinned" or sticky posting.

I'm about to try:

from http://start.uscutter.com/laserpoint
from http://start.uscutter.com/

If this gives me headaches, I'm moving to Linux;



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all of the support info is on the USCUTTER.com website  under support, including Flexi,  UScutter techs rarely come here.   This post is over 4 years old, was back when techs were active on the forum. 




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