Hey you guys and gals. I just wanted to post this to warn everyone about something.  I have been advertising my sign business by putting business cards everywhere and I received a phone call from a girl that wanted some lettering done for her race car.  I met with her and she seemed like a good person and I did the job, she paid me and everyone was happy, until me, today.  One of her "sponsors" was DeWalt and she wanted a DeWalt logo on the car, 1 x 6 inches.  Dumbass me found the logo online and cut it.  Guess what, she works for some investigation company and I am now being sued for $4750 for damages to Black and Decker for copyright infringement.  It's my own damn fault for even doing it, but I am warning all of you to watch out and don't get sucked in.  I'm pretty new at this, and even though I know better, I was just putting it on a racecar for the bitch.  I called an old friend who does this too and that same thing is happening to him with a chevy bowtie logo that he cut for somebody's back window of a truck.  After doing some investigation of this company that got me, they are watching sign shops and websites.  Just thought I would warn all of you. Lara p.s. I am accepting donations.  LOL!  Just joking on the donations.  I am screwed tho.  Watch your backs.  Fox Racing logos are quite popular and alot of people have those on their cars and trucks, so I am sure that is next.