Hello everyone, just stopped by to introduce myself...

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Hi everyone. I am new here as you can see. Just purchased a LP Cutting Plotter from USCutter.

The only cutter I have used in the passed was a Cricut Expr. Yes, I know this is a big step up, and I also know I will need some help when it arrives in about a week.

When I say "help" I mean, hands on. Since this is an intro, I will post my requirements at a later time as well as what I am willing to pay for help to someone in the Cleveland, OH. area.

One thing I really enjoy doing is sandblasting. Not big stuff like rocks and signs, because I just have a small portable unit. I blast designs on car windows, coffee mugs, rosewood pen sets in rosewood boxes and things like that. And I just sandblasted a pic of myself on a mirror. Most of the items I do are just gifts for birthdays and holidays for friends.

I like very much of what I have seen on these forums so far from the short time I have been here. Especially like seeing the different projects you all have done, as well as the video tuts.

I have learned so much already just by reading everyone's posts and copying and pasting certain important information into my word pad.

Thanks for reading and hope to talk to all of you again real soon. Thanks.


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