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A bit of HELP needed

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I'm a novice at this cutter and posted this message in the welcome area - just copied the text to this location.  any help would be appreciated.

Hi all. 

Dutch from Southern Indiana and very new to cutting.

I purchased PC630?  and could use some help gettting up and running.

I restore old antique machinery and will hopefully use the PCUT to make custom relpications of old old stencil work.  In some cases I even have to create new fonts.

Am I in the right place?

I have loaded drivers etc have have USB port COM4 assigned but cannot get the cutter to physically move.  It says it is ON LINE and I create a simple text word in SB "SELECT" it, then use the ICON to CUT.  It creates a "JOB" and stays on the job list for about 20-30 seconds then goes away.  Cutter TEST works fine.

I just put the pen in the PCUT and put a regular piece of paper in.

Probably something simple but perhaps a bit beyoned me.

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