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It was never said he wasn't getting support. What I had commented on was it doesn't matter if it was from china, japan, or anywhere else. It also doesn't matter how much he paid. If you sell a product for cheap that doesn't mean you shouldn't back it because its cheap.

To add to that I am very happy that I bought from USCUTTER. There support has been great and calls are returned promptly. There were issue at first mostly user error and the machine works just as expected. Also before I bought the product I did research and called them directly, but I would never settle for someone telling me "well its a cheap price you should be happy" what is there to be happy about when that guy couldn't even use it?

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Old addage

Cheap, Reliable, Great Service.

Pick two

Live It, Love It, Cuz that cake you eaten ain't free.

And I'm NOT saying UScutter doesn't try to excel at all three, because guess what they do. It's called being busy and trying to juggle three different points of service calls at once. Phones, email, support tickets. General questions, Billing. It ain't just as easy as saying

"well hire more people." If you believe that your full of shit or stupid.

The only reason we know about some of the issues they have, is because of this forum. It's here to be aired out for everyone to see, and they do everything to help anyone. They don't have to let you know about any problems, any customer has. I work for one of the largest hotel chains in the world, and you sure as shit don't hear about any of that stuff do you? I can tell ya there is a lot.

When you have other forums running tests versus the higher end Graphtec and Roland, you know its not just a cheap product. It's worth every penny and then some.

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   Thank you very much. You and everyone are so helpful. Even though I am a bit frustrated (mainly do to the terrible way the manual is written, and english language usage that makes things even more confusing), I couldn't find a better deal for a cutter anywhere. I recieved an email from support within an hour of my request. Very nice. I would still buy another cutter from uscutter in the future, as long as you guys around. I have the cutter working now. Yeah! But, I can't get the blade carrier to stop hitting the red botton on the side and freezing up the machine. I turn the machine off and manualy move the "carrier" off the button but, once you turn it on, it does it again. Any help is appreciated.


I own a pcut, I have never had an issue with it hitting the red button. The manual is a pos for sure but if you play around with the cutter and the software this is your best learning tool. The second best tool is this forum. I'm very happy it is here, without the people here it would take me 4 times as long to get as far as I have gotten in the short amount of time I have been here. I had a few issues with my machine, came here, asked some questions and within 30 minutes I had feed back. I have never had to call uscutter for anything. You said you had done some reading on this forum prior to buying, I did the same and was very well informed on the machine I did purchase. Can you not say the same? Did you not know you were buying a "chinese" machine? If you did not know this prior to buying the machine then you did not read this forum. I'm bringing this up because you pretty much downed the chinese machine after purchasing when you were pretty much ok with this fact before purchasing. I will agree that the manual is crap and hard to understand, but its only a couple of pages long to begin However the machine I have...the PCUT is a solidly built machine and it cuts well ( most of the time) and I have found that alot of the errors ( not all of them) are USER error. I strongly believe that uscutter does everything in thier power to ensure everyone is happy with thier machines. They did not build these cutters they are learning like we are. I have seen them say they didnt know an answer but would find out one and in my opinion thats a good company to work with. USCutter is in my opinion a great company for providing this forum for people like us, they pay the bill for this forum so WE have a place to learn and grow and form friendships and gain alot of info from each other, I think its a win win situation all the way around. I'm not sure why you would think that someone on this forum should write a manual or that uscutter should write a manual for a machine they are selling. They do not work for the company that made the machine, nor does anyone on this forum. As I already stated, the "manual" is only a couple of pages, The pcut does not have that many buttons that you need a government 200 page document or SOP to operate it, think outside the box and experiment with your machine.

Did you actually read the part that says Connect to a COMPUTER? you cant cut anything unless you have it connected by either usb or serial port and then there is the small matter of a cutting program, this is what runs the machine and tells it to cut. This is where a manual comes in handy because I'm telling you, a monkey can run these machines but using the programs that are required to run these machines is HARD. All software comes with manuals, feel feel to print them and read read read if thats what you want to do. All cutting machines require your files to be VECTOR files. if it isnt vectorized, it will not cut simple as that. Alot of stuff that you need to know, you will not find in any manuals, as I said your best bet is to learn on your own or use the tool that uscutter is providing to you, and that is this forum. You wont get it however with statements and threats like this:

"Still a fan of uscutter but, they underestimate the intelligence, authority and positions in the government, and the community of some of their customers. They should be very carefull, and ethical. Nobody on the forums seems to want to acknowledge uscutters inadequacy's. Most of the people on this forum are pro-uscutter because the majority of them are employed by, or are helping uscutter on eBay with shill bids and with "feel goods" on this forum. If Marcus Oesterwinter would like to address these questions personally. I would be more than happy to speak with him in our Seattle district field office. Other than that, I appreciate all the help and questions from legitimate unbiased people here on the forum. "

All you did here was accuse uscutter of shill bidding, being unethical,and of being inadequate then you go on to accuse the members of this forum of helping with shill bidding, of being employed in some way with uscutter. I'm not employed by uscutter in any way, but that doesnt mean I would turn down a job offer, the economy sucks in case you have had your head so far up your tail you havent noticed!

Rodger has his sayings " there Just IS all kinds" I have one too and I would look you straight in the eyes and say " It must suck to be YOU".


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