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4 hours ago, cardudenc said:

I think that's the usual. 1 messes it up for the masses

or in this case hundreds of hobbyist messed it up as it was intended for their pro market.  betting less than 1 percent of the people that ordered samples from here ever bought enough from their vendors to make this worth it to them

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yep, that was my thoughts after reading your previous post. I'm sure the thoughts in the beginning was for them to give each shop a few samples , mayb even up to $100 in samples that would turn around to $1000s in orders from these shops. but if like you said, floods of hobbyists got all they could for free .then only ordered minimums in return , def makes for a huge flop in that marketing idea. with me being a newbie.....I just ordered samples of stuff I haven't tried, plan on trying it out, making a display sample and hopefully turn it into profit for all.

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