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setting up,I can help

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For those of you who are having problems getting the communication between computer and the p-cut working, and you have searched these forums...and still can't get it working....first,call Ken. If it is after hours for Ken(or before), I will be happy to walk you through it over the phone. All you need to do is PM me,and let me know when you will be calling,so I can be in front of my computer. I have SKYPE which I suggest that everyone get,calling over the internet is free from Skype user to skype user.

I will give you my number,I will not post directly on the forums. I am doing this because it is usually something very simple and easily taken care of. PLus,Ken is busy sometimes and I enjoy helping people.

I usually work from 9am - 9:30 pm,eastern time. But I walk the dog from time to time so it is important that we set up a time.

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