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Just to show.

Finally got the 24"laserpoint cutter up and running correctly with SCX2.

The first cut I did was a contour cut as this is why I use the machine for 99% of the time.

In CD X4 I created the layout and paintsheme for this originally transparant modelcar body.

It now has a full vinyl wrap and no paint used at all!

Decals are printed in professional printshop using Metamark digitalprint vinyl 80 uM and 80 uM laminated.

Curves are done with a hairdryer.

Benefits are the paint does not weaken the body due to solvents used in many polycarbonate paints.

Wing and rims are also applied with decals cut by the laserpoint.

Making the outlines for the cutter is the hardest job :thumbsup:

More to be shown soon.

I hope you like the stuff.

Regards, Paco


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extremely nice work. you definitely have it going on. :thumbsup:


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I thought it was going to be a full size car until I looked a little lower. I like it. A lot of detail.

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Hi thanks for the nice words.

The car is part of a review of my other webpage (hobby) and the purpose is to make the back ground of all pictures as clean as possible so no scenery ;).

This decal stuff is a follow up of that hobby.

This is the general outline how it was made.

Color is a little of due to the fact it is converted to a small jpg from X4.






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With signcutX2 you only have to calibrate the laserpoint offset once.

Then calibrate the cutter for exact paper printing to cutting(plotting) difference.

Then every contour cut inside A3 size for what I have tested is inside 1 mm tolerance.

That is fair enough for me.

I know optical (send and receiving) cross hair detection is more accurate but also more expensive and the question if you need it for small sizes like I do.

I am happy with what I have done sofar with CC.

If there is any other question let me know.

BTW, if you remov ethe cover of the cutter head of the PCUT you see enough room to place your own laser pointer.

Link below will show you an adjustable red laser beam which can be focused to have a 1 mm diameter.

The voltage to drive this item can be taken from the cutter head.

As there are 3-5 and 12 volt points on the PCB on the head ( incase of the machine I have here).

You have to solder the leads to the pcb but that is for a normal skilled engineer no problem.

Only problem is how to fix the laser to the cutter head.

But that will be no problem if your handy ;)

Regards, Paco

I updated this thread for home made contour cut machines,11513.0.html

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The body wrap and wing are printed with a 35.000 $ OCE solvent ink printer as said on Metamark digital print vinyl at a profesional printshop.

The rim decals are printed with a Brother MFC 6490CW waterbased dye ink machine on coated inkjet vinyl for water based inks at my home.  ;)

Regards, Paco

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Newly job.

This time I used A3 size QP MEDIA (EBAY) matt vinyl with dye ink and laminated with ASLAN 114 clear vinyl for the body wrap. This has no UV barrier but I have to see as test how long it will last this way.

The two layer is thicker then the printshop 80um + 80 um Metamark.

The wing was printed with a A4 size version of this vinyls.

Contourcut with a laser point PCUT 24"!

Any way I am happy with it and tomorrow it will be tested for endurance in a race.








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Guest Schramm

Dag dude that is awesome!!!

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To complete of the body and wing we wrapped the transmitter too in same colorstyle.

Now only starterbox needs to be dressed up in same colorscheme.




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Now we did not sit still.

We made this layout for our Dutch Champion 2009.

No need for paint as always.









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New full body wraps.

Same design different clear bodies.

Lot of work but as it is used to be displayed at the international toyfair in Neurenberg Germany in February it had to be nice and clean.

To be sure I wrapped the decals on the body myselve.










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