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Need steam engine with train cars and a recent helmet project

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Hey all, life has been keeping me busy and i have a lot of catch up reading to do..

  Helped a bunch of guys at work on their go-cart racing helmets and caught the attention of our reclusive

warehouse troll. turns out he is a hardcore model train nut and is very involved in the local club.

  The club has a graphic of a steam train turning toward  the viewer with the cars banking to the right loosing perspective

and would be perfect for a table banner but has been photo copied so many times there is no way I could clean it up.

  at this point any nice engine and train would work but not having much luck finding one that would convert well.

Thanks for any help

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Thanks Andy, I will show this to them for other projects but for this banner i really need to find a steam engine with cars.

  Thanks again

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