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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! I have been using a Vinyl Express R Series II 24" vinyl plotter for about a year now. Needless to say, I have certainly outgrown it, and need something bigger and better. I found a listing in my area for a used Mutoh Kona 1400 55" cutter. I've worked with a Mutoh LFP in the past, but not one of their cutters. The price is reasonable, and I could easily pay for it in one job or two. My questions are: Does anyone else use the same cutter? Is it worth purchasing used? Could I use LXi Expert with it? I'm still doing research on my own, but I wanted to check here and see if anyone else would recommend buying this cutter. Thank you in advance!
  2. Got a brand new titan 3 when I am cutting to images side by side the one on the left get little tear hole in it like you shot it with a shot gun , the right side cuts fine. Anyone seen this ??
  3. All - I've been cutting vinyl stickers for a couple of years now - mostly hobby, but I do occasionally sell some stuff - but more and more, I am being asked to do custom print and cut stuff. I want to make the jump, but I am indecisive on the what to buy. Should buy a smaller combo unit like the Roland VersaStudio BN-20, or do purchase a separate cutter and printer? I like the 24" stepper cutter I have, but would like to move up to a servo unit of the same size. Is there a 24" solvent or latex printer on the market? Thanks in advance for any and all advice! ~rob
  4. I just started my search and it's getting so hard to figure out whats the best option for me: I want to buy a cutter under $2k budget. I wish I could afford the Roland VersaCamm (Cut&Print) but I can't! so I'll need to cut pre-printed graphics for wall decals, so I'll need a contour cutter right? at least 36" -- if you have advice on printers as well I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice? thank you!
  5. New and looking for feedback

    I would love some feedback from those who are EXPERIENCED!! Starting a new business & want to add in Vinyl/ heat press options to my work but have NEVER worked with it (minus pre-made decals). My husband slowly put away money to surprise me for Christmas to get a cutter & start, but he received most of his information from SIGNWAREHOUSE. I have been researching the last few weeks and found that I like speaking with US CUTTERS a lot better than the other companies. Not too impressed with sign warehouse, or the information they gave my husband....but they gave him an amazing deal on product. I am looking at the Roland GX-24 OR Titan 3-28" - But I don't know a lot! Trying to also compare the GraphTek but unsure of which one to go with on theirs. I like the idea of the optical eye (but is this a HUGE deal?) I like the idea of having options for thicker material being used in the future, (but how needed is this?) I need some thing easy on technology end, durable, and that I can incorporate into my business (work a lot with wood, glass, ceramic, vintage items) Looking at going to craft shows, etc... and possibly transporting this, so I didn't want anything too hefty. Budget is $2000 for everything. Need suggestions of starting tools and software that people LOVE! I like to create and have set clipart. Titan 3 comes with RAZORCUT and would like to know if others have used this and what do they think compared to other software. I appreciate ALL thoughts and comments in advance...its truly invaluable to me and I will take every suggestion and process it through! THANK YOU!! -Alie
  6. Thanks Clean Cut Blade!

    I had ordered 3 blades a year and a half ago, then 2 more last week. They sent me an extra free blade for buying a total of 5 blades. What a great company!
  7. So this just started happening, the cartridge of my cutter when turned on vibrates profusely and doesn't work. I took a video of it because it is hard to explain. I hit reset and it stops but when I let off the reset button it doesn't work. Link to vid above ^
  8. Hello all, My names Mike & Id just like to start off with I'm new to the page and the vinyl world as well. I apologize for posting in the wrong section ( If I even did, I tried my hardest not to ). I have done research for the past month now on vinyl and plotters ETC and having trouble getting to understand it all. I want to open a small out of home business doing decals for cars (Im on many different car pages with thousands of people on each) and maybe even making banners depending on how successful I become at it all. I also use a Macbook Pro 13" laptop and see some issues with that alone but then I see some greats and how Mac is the way to go. My overall question is I see two starter kits I feel is good but just not 100% sure for what I want to do. One is the Vinyl Cutter Bundle - Sign Cutting Plotter w/ Sure Cuts A Lot Pro Design Sale 31.5" Laserpoint II, Tools, Supplies, Tot Value $1,200+ Off Ebay threw UScutter and The other is the SC basic business kit. PLEASE HELP, as to not wanting to spend a crazy amount upfront and just want to get my feet wet to make back what I put into it and after that start to profit. - THANK YOU IN ADVANCE _ Mike
  9. I decided to buy a GraphTec ce5000-60 but just noticed today that there is a new cutter out there in the wild? The GraphTec ce6000! I checked the GraphTec site and couldn't find it. I did notice a small design change where the buttons and such are top, right vs to the side (right). Anyone have any specs or input on this. I'll hold off for a month or two before I'm buying. Hope it has better specs than 5000 because the price is about/is the same. I found the specs, plus I emailed GraphTec and they got to me with an email asking me where I lived so they can have the proper person contact me.