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Found 17 results

  1. Long time lurker, first time poster. Purchased a Titan 3 recently, and set-up is going okay, except that the machine will not close it's cuts. If I set the 'Blade Comp' to 'Vertical', the machine struggles with closing CIRCLES. If I set the 'Blade Comp' to "Horizontal', the machine struggles with closing SQUARES, or straight lines. Circles are passable however. Using VinylMaster LTR for software. Is there a software calibration or setting I'm over-looking? Is there hardware set-up that I'm over-looking? I've been working with this machine the past couple of days, trying to figure out what it wants. I wrangled a MH721 into really good shape for the past few years, so that I felt confident (at first) that I could figure this one out too. Looks like I was wrong, please help!!
  2. I was wondering if the spacing between decals can be reduced.There is at least a 3/4 space between the cuts and its wasting my vinyl a lot. Anyone know how to change this? Thanks!
  3. I purchased the Table Titan 3 a week ago and have attempted contour cutting. I calibrated the laser and ARMS. When I use the pen mode for the practice sheets, outlines are almost perfect except cut line is slightly closer to image on the right side versus left side. However, when using the 45 degree blade to contour cut multiples in the same file, the first image is almost perfect but gets more off center with each cut as it proceeds. Any suggestions or thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? Thanks for helping!
  4. GM Store

    Why, I can't cut contour

    A couple of months ago, I bought a cutter Titan 3 SE ARMS Contour Cut Vinyl Cutting Plotter & VinylMaster Cut Software, Special Edition, and tried for more than 30 times to cut the contour, in fact I've followed each of the steps that they mention and do in the videos and what it explains in the instructions of the software itself. but it does not work, since it always cuts to half an inch, another quarter, and finishes aligning the blades. I have printed more than 15 times the test of cutting contour and that does not work. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I would like to thank them very much, since I do not have much experience.
  5. Grafix 1

    Titan 3 Contour cutting with Flexi 12

    Can anyone give me any tips or settings for contour cutting with a Titan 3 with Flexi. The calibration cuts are perfect in VinylMaster, but the cutter wont recognize the marks in Flexi. After it tries to find the first one it runs the material off the machine, and the rollers run continuously. It won't pause, if you reset it, it just starts running again. I have even un plugged it and it started running again. The only way I have gotten it to stop was to turn off the computer. I feel it's a problem with Flexi, but cant figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I am not new to vinyl cutters and I currently have 3. I have two Silhouette machines (made by Graphtec) and one 50" SC cutter. Lately, all I have been doing is print and cut sheets on a laser printer. Mainly I print multiple color designs via Adobe Illustrator on a 12" x 18" sheet with Silhouette Cameo registration marks. I then have to put the printed sheet onto the 12' x 24' sticky carrier sheet and then feed that into the Silhouette Cameo. I use the Silhouette Connect software as a plugin for AI and then it sends my AI file to the cutter and then if I cross my fingers and the stars align it reads the registration marks the first time and I am usually good from there. It is then a slow process of cutting but the quality is good. So I am considering a few options... - another Silhouette Cameo so I don't have to wait as long (~$250) - Titan 3 15" and ARMS via VinylMaster (included) (~$800) - Graphtec CE-6000 15" ($1,200) I am leaning more towards the Titan 3 new or refurbed. I haven't seen any examples online of it using the ARMS and I have read some people having bad results. Does anyone here have any experience with using ARMS on the Titan 3? If it requires buying new software like DragonCut ($300) then there is no real savings. I would be better off getting the Graphtec and being able to have the similar, if not an identical workflow, but hopefully no carrier sheet. Also, I mainly work on the Mac but I do have a Windows box available. I usually run 10 - 30 sheets per job so speed is a consideration. If someone was willing to show me theirs in the Chicago area or allow me to try a sample I will pay you for your time. thanks -david
  7. bh0307

    First Decal

    Just got a Titan 3 Here is my First Decal I made with it for my work Golf cart
  8. Got a brand new titan 3 when I am cutting to images side by side the one on the left get little tear hole in it like you shot it with a shot gun , the right side cuts fine. Anyone seen this ??
  9. Question for everyone, looking to order new vinyl cutter. I like the titan 3 was torn between the 28" and 68" like the 28" price but don't want to be limited in the future on design sizes. anyways I saw on ebay they have a 54" cutter for sale for a really good price and that would be a good size for the me. question is was there anything wrong with the 54s and should I purchase a cutter that has no warranty like the one on ebay. Thanks for the help.
  10. Last night the carriage on my Titan 3 slammed up against both the right and left walls ripping vinyl in its path. I thought it was because the parameters were incorrect; however, it had just cut the exact same design perfectly (in a different color). I quickly turned the machine off thinking it would reset only to have it return to its erratic behavior including breaking the belt completely in half. I called customer service this morning. I have to commend this company. They immediately determined that it was the motherboard and the shipment has already been taken care of. It was such a relief as I knew I was facing piles of designs waiting to be cut! Things happen and I'm so glad that it was such a breeze to take care of this incident so quickly and easily.
  11. About to order a roll of self-adhesive polypropylene vinyl that I intend to print with my HP inkjet then contour cut with the Titan 3 I just received. However, before I do... Since I have cut nothing yet, I wanted to make sure that the cutter can handle this particular media. It's a cheap no-name media that is 8 mil at 205g. It will take my HP inks but I didn't know how the cutter would handle it (is 8 mil too thin or too light?). And, can the cutter handle something that is self-adhesive? Thanks!
  12. Our school is wanting a near-life-size self-adhesive decal (something that can adhere to painted wood) of a local celebrity created. The finished item will be 24" x 5'. The image will be printed on a HP Z2100 which uses an aqueous pigment ink. My plan is to then contour cut the image using my Titan 3. I have never attempted to create something of this size, so I'm looking for recommendations of media that will allow the aqueous pigment ink to adhere, has a self-adhesive backing, and that can be contour cut with my Titan 3. All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  13. ok so im having this issue when I cut small text no matter the font that in the corners where it should be sharp and to a point it makes a really small radius. Its not like rounded but littlerly a small circle in the corners. any thoughts? I use flexi 12 and both my Titan 3 and my laserpoint 2 cutter do this with 45 degree blade. I changed my cutter blade ofsets .25 on both production manager and the machine. thanks
  14. j.ldesigns

    IMG 2450

    From the album: help

    need help setting settings for a 45 degree blade i just can't get it right.
  15. So this thread is as simple as the title! Check out the review and get to see and hear the Titan 3 running.
  16. ooodalay

    New and looking for feedback

    I would love some feedback from those who are EXPERIENCED!! Starting a new business & want to add in Vinyl/ heat press options to my work but have NEVER worked with it (minus pre-made decals). My husband slowly put away money to surprise me for Christmas to get a cutter & start, but he received most of his information from SIGNWAREHOUSE. I have been researching the last few weeks and found that I like speaking with US CUTTERS a lot better than the other companies. Not too impressed with sign warehouse, or the information they gave my husband....but they gave him an amazing deal on product. I am looking at the Roland GX-24 OR Titan 3-28" - But I don't know a lot! Trying to also compare the GraphTek but unsure of which one to go with on theirs. I like the idea of the optical eye (but is this a HUGE deal?) I like the idea of having options for thicker material being used in the future, (but how needed is this?) I need some thing easy on technology end, durable, and that I can incorporate into my business (work a lot with wood, glass, ceramic, vintage items) Looking at going to craft shows, etc... and possibly transporting this, so I didn't want anything too hefty. Budget is $2000 for everything. Need suggestions of starting tools and software that people LOVE! I like to create and have set clipart. Titan 3 comes with RAZORCUT and would like to know if others have used this and what do they think compared to other software. I appreciate ALL thoughts and comments in advance...its truly invaluable to me and I will take every suggestion and process it through! THANK YOU!! -Alie
  17. The Titan 3 is recently launched so the reviews are difficult to find. I'm not sure how new the Graphtec CE6000 is? The Titan 3 is a few hundred less (looking at the 24" cutter) but rates in the "Professional" grade, versus the Graphtec in the "Shop" grade on USCutter's buying guide. The Titan 3 seems to have one advantage over the Graphtec, and that is that it can cut the 23+ mil high reflective vinyl, which I'm not too concerned with based on the work that I do. I really don't know. Should I go with what's tested and proven or newer and potentially better?