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Found 2 results

  1. Museumjoel

    Cutter Orientation Problem

    I have been using a new MH for about a week without serious issues but could not import svg files. I loaded the import plug in and can now import files fine but the cutter orients everything 90 degrees to the feed direction (I get only the ends of signs wide that the cutter track). Changing mat orientation does not change the cutter orientation. Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanx
  2. Hello, I'm a newbie poster to this forum, although I've gotten some great information from it over the years. I'm hoping I can get an answer to my current problem. I've recently moved from a US cutter to a Graphtec CE5000-120 plotter. I am using the Cutting Master 2 program to interface between my Mac G4 Powerbook (yes,a very old model, but still working great) and my plotter. I have been running a few different files from logos to designs trying to get the settings right. I am trying to print a simple design for a vinyl dance floor applique. The design is 27" wide x 117" tall. I thought I had everything in the dialogue box set right, but when I send it to cut, somewhere along the way it gets turned 90 degrees and only cuts the first 27" section at a right angle to what it should be. Here is a screenshot of the dialogue box. And what it seems to be printing is the bottom section of what is in the preview pane of the following screenshot, and then it stops. Thank you for your help. What am I missing?