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Found 7 results

  1. So I have a client who wants some decals made. When I test cut, some of the text was ripping up when the cutter was cutting. The small text is about a half an inch tall but it is a thin font style. I’m using oracle 651 vinyl. I was wondering if I used the thin material blade if that would help. Also, what settings are you all running for pressure and speed? Thanks.
  2. gthunder

    Max Mat Size SCALP4

    Upgraded from scal3 to scalp4 now I have a maximum mat size of 72" in length. I need to be able to make templates significantly longer than this and haven't been able to find an answer anywhere. Does anyone know if there is a way to make it unlimited like it was before?
  3. busterbay

    Titan 2 Question

    I recently updated to SCALP 3.075 and my Titan 2 is cutting slower than normal. However my SC is cutting faster. Both are being run on separate computers. Anyone else experiencing this with SCALP ?
  4. Sorry if i missed the info in another thread or post, but trying to find an exact answer isnt easy when there is so many questions being asked differently etc.I tried searching other posts for what i need help with and made comments in other posts and im not getting anywhere cause either someone doesn't use Ai Or Scalps together and i cant find anyone who is using these 2 programs as 1.... For some reason i lost my way of creating a text with and without an arch (Half Moon ) in Ai and saving or exporting it correctly to scalp. The last few tries when i save it as a SVG and bring it into scalp, i have nodes overlapping each other which will cause cuts to over lap instead of being a merged text image,When i worked in Ai before and saved for a svg to bring into scalps i had no problems, but now i am... , So im hoping a Ai and Scalps pro will please explain the retarded steps for me . I just seem to lost my mind for a second. If someone would be able to create a video on this ,I would be willing to offer a 5.00 Donation to your paypal lol ..
  5. Primal Decals

    im having an Issue with scalp

    Ive been working on a logo design name for a carpet cleaning company and and in my design i was going to make another shadow layer under an existing one cause i need it for a repair job ive been given to do for covering up a bad decal job from some other decal company they messed up bad ,(long story) anyway when i goto make this 2nd shadow layer, it just bogs down the software and starts a " not responding " when i goto make my adjustment on how much shadow i want and it closes down or just freezes... Not sure whats going on but i need this job done for the weekend.Im running a fast windows 8, 64 bit,750hd (with a 1tb 2ndary hard drive, 16gb ram and fast graphics on a laptop.I know this computer can handle this cause i run lightroom,photoshop cs6,Ai cs6 and vegas pro like crazy and i have no lag ever till this issue with shadow in scalp.. Any ideas ? thanks everyone..
  6. Hi I am very new and just set up my machine and am trying to get the program running to no avail. I initially tried the cd that came with the cutter and it crashed. Then I tried downloading and installing the same version from the site and that crashed as well. This happens as soon as I open the program file. It states in multiple places on line that its compatible with Mac 10.5 and up -- I'm running 10.5.8 Wondering if there's a patch or something or if someone else has come across this issue. Thanks very much
  7. Has anyone had a problem with the 3.040 update? I updated yesterday morning and when I tried to cut to my MH 871, all it would do is make a couple ticks and sounds. Having a project I needed to cut, I restored back to the 3.039 version and it cut perfectly. Today i thought I would try the 3.040 update again, figuring the prior update download somehow got corrupted in the process, but I still cannot get it to cut, it just make a couple ticks and sounds and does not move. I even tried re-installing the SCALP program. Am I missing something? All prior updates have worked fine for me. I did place an email to the support desk.