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Found 6 results

  1. I'm trying to decide which cutter to purchase to use for t-shirts alone. I will be printing and contour cutting. However, my sheets will always be 11x17. I guess this is a 2 part question and it may be a question for the Titan 3 forum as well but I'm not sure. How far from the edge of the sheet can VinylMaster put registration marks? I want to be able to use as much of the 11 inch width of my paper as possible. If it can print very close to the edge of the sheet, will the Titan 3 have a problem reading the marks? Thanks
  2. Ok, I've been using VinylMaster Cut for a few months now. I always use the "place registration marks" option for multicolored designs, right in the design page rather than in the spooler (which adds 4) as I only use the top 2. I've been getting the 4 pointed shape with a circle in the middle. This is fine. However, lately, I must have accidentally changed their settings, as they aren't visible anymore when I add them. They're there, but they are squares on a 45 that are only visible in wireframe mode. I want my original settings back! Anyone know what I did, and how to fix it?? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am pretty new to vinyl cutting but I've gotten pretty good at basic sign lettering and one color window decals, as well as layered multi-color decals. I'm now trying y hand at contour cutting printed vinyl decals and I've hit a wall...In SCAL3pro I'm trying to print the image (.png brought in from Inkscape) but it either prints only the registration marks, or it errors out on the plotter saying 'no pages were generated'. Plotter is an Oce Colorwave 650. My main question is, how do you print a .png image with registration marks from SCAL? I've searched high and low and only see reference to Signblazer or other software that didn't come with my Laserpoint II cutter. Since this is thesoftware that was provided with the cutter, and the LPII is supposedly a contour cutting machine, what am I doing wrong? I've been going to the File>Print menu, selecting the plotter and checking the Print with registration marks' and 'Print outlines only'. I've also tried checking only the 'Print with registration marks' and still no luck...This seems like it should be a simple thing, but it has me stumped. Does anyone have experience with this, or know of any tutorials that actually relate to SCAL? I tried to attach the file in question but it says it's too big. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a Roland PNC-950 with a HP desktop running windows 7 home. The parallel cable runs to a usb adapter that hooks to my desktop. I have no issues other than when I import an image for example the superman logo... If I want to layer different colors I click on my set up and set it to cut individual layers it will but when I click on the dropdown box for registration marks there is nothing there...The preview shows registration marks but it does not cut them. PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. I am just getting into the vinyl business. I am getting my feet wet with a new MH Series cutter. I primarily wanted to do small vinyl decals (some non-intricate 2-color decals), and one to two color heat press vinyl designs for one-off t-shirts. I have had my share of troubles that others have had installing drivers, getting it setup etc. I've never been able to use the SignCutPro, it just won't cut right. I use SignBlazer, which seems very old-school/barebones, but at least my cutter works properly for the most part when I use it. MY PROBLEM: I recently tried to do a 3' long non-intricate design (basically a stripe for a window sign) and haven't been able to get a "square cut". The vinyl in my machine moves a lot and even though I tightened the springs on the clamps, I still find it moving from left to right as it cuts the lines. This happens too on smaller stuff where there is a lot of movement in the vinyl back and forth. I get the marks on the vinyl from the little wheels on the clamps, so I try to not use the center one when I don't have to, but it seems like whether I use all three clamps or just one on each end of the vinyl, I still get this movement issue. Additionally, I tried to do house numbers the other day and though everything was properly registered in my art file, when trying to place the one color set of cut vinyl numbers on top of the other color, they did not place exactly where they were supposed to (meaning the vinyl must have shifted a bit). Anyone have any suggestions here? I know I got an inexpensive cutter, but it seemed sufficient for my needs and it just feels like even though it is low end, that the vinyl movement shouldn't be such a huge issue and reason to buy a different/higher end cutter. Sidebar additional question, anyone have good tips/tricks for registering or placing registered designs on top of one another for installation? Thanks for the help/suggestions.