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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I have the following: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 SCAL Pro 4 USCutter SC34 I'm pretty sure the usb on the cutter is bad as it suddenly stopped cutting all the way through jobs, and I know static is not the issue. I bought the Tripp-lite keyspan adapter, installed the drivers, rebooted, reconnected and now I don't know how to use it. The only option I have under the Connection box in SCAL is "USB", and there is nothing new under the "Port" option (my iPhone and another bluetooth connection thing is in the port, but that's it). How do I tell my computer/software to use the serial port instead of the USB? Thank you!
  2. I got a Tripp lite keyspan in today and after checking the drivers I saw that Windows 8/8.1 isn't listed. I searched their site but there wasn't anything about a compatible driver. Will it work or is it a paperweight? At least it was a $20 shipped open box special either way. If there were no problems cutting before, will there be a difference using it (if it works)?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here but I have been reading the forums for a few months now. Bought the mh series cutter for a hobby. Had some good times and some bad! When I first got it the motherboard was bad. USCutter replaced it no problem. Then the carriage was off track I fixed that. Had some cutting problems here and there. Now the problems are pretty much all the time. It will turn and slice. Stop mid cut and slice through. Got a huge roll of paper and used the pen to test designs before wasting a ton of vinyl. Then bought the keyspan adaptor. It worked amazing the first time! So naturally, I decide to try same design a second time and it's back to it's old tricks! Turned it off and tried again. Well now it's doing something new. Display reads Test.... and then it just moves material back and forth about 15 times. When it stopped I sent design to cut again and it will say Test.... and move material back and forth a bunch of times and it will not even attempt to cut design. Any help will be greatly appreciated since it's Saturday and also a holiday weekend! Melissa
  4. Anyone have any luck installing a key-span on a mac OS 10.9.3 and using it with the Titan 2. I can use it with a USB cable but it does not see the key-span serial cable. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm having serious issues trying to install the USC LP24 under Windows 7 with a KeySpan and using SignCut Prod Pro. Basically, my machine is locking-up and forcing a hard reboot (not good). Note, I've had all of these items working perfectly fine, but I was getting bad cuts and was trying to upgrade SignCut. That's when my troubles started. Versions: Signcut: Version 1,07. Tried 1.95 and 1.96 (Beta). 1.07 has the 3-point calibration I need, and is the last known-good version. Keyspan: Older known-good working driver. What's happening is that even with the KeySpan on Com 3, I can choose my cutter in SignCut and then attempt to calibrate, and it will mark a cross for me to align with the LP24 laser. Trouble is, anything after that seems to lock-up the machine. My keys (to move the cutter) don't work, whether they're from my PC keyboard, my USB keypad or the cutter itself. Then, it goes into this unresponsive mode and eventually, I am forced to reboot. When I test with the Keyspan util, everything is fine and tests pass (before Signcut is running). Com 3 appears to be free and clear, and 'Idle' before testing. However, trying to calibrate is basically crashing my machine. I don't know if it's the KeySpan (I suspect it is hardware). Should I be using my Keyspan in Windows Serial Mode in SignCut? Or, should I leave that unchecked? I'm assuming Windows Serial Mode allows for dynamic assignment of interrupts instead of being fixed like the olden days. I know this is a weird confuence of potentials, but some of you computer types might be able to offer some insights. Note, 'reinstalling windows' is not an option at this point. Thanks! Spacep0d