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Found 76 results

  1. I excitedly purchased the Graphtec CE Lite 50, hotronix heat press and vinyl from Stahls. After fighting with the CM4 software for over a week (none of our computers would recognize the machine, even with a new cord), decided to try Silhouette Studio. Finally, it worked! It recognizes the Graphtec, and I was able to send a design to be cut. After it made a bunch of wonky "scratching record" sounds, I realized it didn't look like it cut anything. (I had done a test cut, which worked perfectly, so I am confused how this would be any different). Upon looking closer under light, I could tell that it actually did cut when looking at the backing, and had cut it like 3x the size it was supposed to. These learning curves are THICK, and very time consuming - as a busy CEO of an online education company, I bought this for some "me time" as a creative outlet - not realizing it would be more stressful than my actual job LOL. This has been a lot bigger learning curve than anticipated, which hey, I'm all here for, but these trivial issues are really beginning to drain the fun out. After being self-taught in MANY things, including online softwares, camera tech, etc, this machine has me absolutely stumped!!!! I am looking to hire someone who can literally coach me over the phone/zoom to help me get set up and get cutting ASAP! (I posted this in a Facebook Group, and had a bunch of kind people come to the comments with a lot of potential solutions, but I am really craving some face-to-face help and mentorship).
  2. So I've had my graphtec for a while now and I always have this issue when trying to scale text, my friend placed an order for a window banner that says "DAYTON" sized at 5" tall x 35" long , the issue I have is when I go to scale the text it says the correct size until I go to cut when I go to the cut screen the size drastically shrinks back down, the only way I can get the text to cut the size I want is to trace the text then resize the traced text then it works fine. This is driving me insane and I don't understand what the reason is for this. If anyone can help I greatly appreciate it.
  3. MSellers15

    Contour Cutting Small Decals

    I've always had trouble contour cutting small decals (These are 3 inch in width) ever since I got my Graphtec FC8000. I rarely ever have problems cutting out big jobs/logos but I have always tried to stay away from doing small jobs because of the cuts never being accurate. I've ran my cutting speed on pretty much the lowest (5) and doesn't seem to help either. What do y'all recommend me trying?
  4. Dear community, I am the proud owner of a newly purchased used Graphtec FC2200/90 flatbed plotter from about 1989 to 1992. The plotter is in a generally excellent condition and ready to use. Since I have problems using the Plotter with Adobe Illustrator in combination with Cutting Master 4 Plugin, I would like to know, if it is possible to update the plotters firmware to ‘Plotter Firmware v4.50 for Graphtec FC2250’? I am not sure, weather the FC2250 v4.50 Firmware is suitable for my FC2200/90 plotter. I would also install the ‘Windows Driver OPS662 (v3.90)’ on my Windows Laptop and install ‘Cutting Master 3 for Windows Ver.2.2.1252’ instead of the current version. I would be extremely grateful for any help!!!
  5. Hello! I work with Graphtec FC8600-160 for about one year. The problem is- Cutter use less pressure on very left side of cutting job. I use 53 inches- 137 cm. It's very thick over laminated material. I use special cutting knife for thick materials and it works pretty well, but I can not calibrate right pressure to cut all wok good. If the Right side is very ok, then left side is less ok, and opposite... May be some of had the same issue with other cutters or directly with FC8600-160?! Thanks!
  6. Hello Total newbie here, I just got the Graphtec CE6000-60 plus and I have trying to set it up to cut Oracal 631 vinyl. I am doing my test cuts with the little square and triangle, and I can not get the machine to produce a good test cut, the lines of my squares and triangles are all crooked I cannot get it to cut a perfect square or triangle. I have tried adjusting all the different settings, the Force, Offset blade depth etc. but nothing is working. I am using the CB09UB - 1 Blade. I have also tried cutting a circle from Graphtec Studio as a test and the circle came out all oblong and crooked not a smooth perfect circle. Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  7. Hi I’m Jeanny I’m very new dealing with this type of machine and this cutter is not making the whole cuts I mean... when I’m making a circle or a letter it not cutting all the way idk what’s wrong I need help
  8. Hello, I am trying to import a dxf file into Graphtec Studio. This file has curves and arcs in the object. When it opens in the software all the arcs are turned into straight lines. I also tried importing a circle and it comes in as a diamond. I have imported dxf files before without a problem. I loaded the software on another computer as a fresh install and I get the same results. I have my curve quality set to 12 in my view preferences. I have also tried to importing dxf files created from two different CAD software packages. Also, why do dxf files always open at the wrong scale? I am working in inches and have my dxf saved as inches. When I open it in Graphtec Studio it comes in as mm so it is very small. I have to scale it by 25.4X to get it correct. Thanks
  9. I need help! My cutter is cutting offset, and I cannot figure out why!! It is ruining projects that I have already printed out three times because the printer wasn't printing correctly. I have not yet done a plot test. However, this has been a consistent problem for months. The last plot test I did was correct, and there was nothing wrong with it. The cutter cuts off sometimes worse than others, but almost always off on every single job I cut. I double checked all the settings before cutting this, and nothing was set to offset or anything. Can anyone give me any suggestions to fix this problem???? I'm wasting so much vinyl on a lot of jobs that get cut wrong. PLEASE HELP
  10. First off I would like to say thanks for any help! I am new to this forum and have been experiencing issues with my workflow with print and cut. So here is the run down... I am using mac osx with graphtec studio software. I'm printing large format (for stickers), and perf cutting them with my graphtec ce6000-60 plus. I do all my design work in a separate program. images and imported in a .png format. I use the graphtec studio software to add my cut line, then print from the same program. Works great, aside from the print. Ive been noticing when printing, the column to the right and the row at the bottom have inaccurate print alignments. Ive attached an image where you can see the letters in the logo are not lined up, as if it just shifted. To troubleshoot, I saved the file as a pdf, then opened it in viewer and blew it up to actual size. you can see the error in the image itself. I was able to rule out the printer or print head alignment issues. Is there anyone else who has experienced this type of thing with print and cut, and what were your resolutions, if any? If you look at the letter T and the letter H, you can clearly see the shift in the design. I've tried everything i could think of.
  11. Long story short adobe pulled my license to cs6 after stating I owned a pirated serial number. I subscribed to the newest version of AI but my FC7000-75 plotter is too old to be compatible with cutting master plugin for illustrator. So i pulled out my old version of flexi 8 and figured i could use the product manager to cut jobs to my ancient plotter. The first test print went good, adjusted some speed settings, and when I went to cut again it started putting weird hooks on the sharp corners of all right angle edges. I reset the cutter back to factory settings and its still doing it. Any help would be appreciated. Trying to get the shop back up and running after moving to a new location. Everything was working perfect at my old location with cs6 and cutting master 2. I know the plotter is like 13-14 years old but it still runs like a dream. If i could just get this kink ironed out.... If i test from the plotter is cuts smooth, just printed the weird hooks on the edges when sending from flexi 8 with the product manager. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
  12. I've not had any experience with contour cutting in the past and have recently attempted to teach myself how to do this for simple stickers to add to my product packaging. I use Illustrator CS6 with the Cutting Master 3 plugin. Since I'm an extreme tightwad, I tried using my laser printer and pen attachment to get everything set up, but immediately ran into difficulties with either scanning the registration marks or cutting accurate paths on the cutter. There were numerous different error messages, depending upon what settings I began with, but the bottom line was that I was NOT having any consistent results, neither good nor bad. Then I decided to try switching to my inkjet printer, which I rarely use because it costs so much more per print (did I mention I'm a tightwad?)... and... VOILA! I discovered that the Graphtec apparently does not like laser prints for contour cutting. As I said, I'm a newbie to this arena, so I'm just wondering if this is a commonly known issue? I haven't seen it in my searches here or elsewhere, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi! I have had my machine for about 2 years now. I took my blade out to clean it and when I went to replace it, it was no longer cutting... as if the blade wasn't going all teh way down even though I inserted it correctly. I thought maybe it was just time to replace the blade so I put in a new one but it's still having the same issue. I'm not quite sure what to do. It'll go through the motions as if it's cutting and some pieces seem to maybe cut a bit, but other just seem like the vinyl is untouched or was just skimmed. The blade has been put back correctly though, I'm not sure what's going on. Any suggestions on what to do or what to change?!
  14. Hello Folks! I have a ce-6000, I just installed a cleancut blade after i got a good year out of the stock blade. I cut alot of detailed small stuff and the blade tore things up pretty bad. I am pretty sure its user error lol.. It said in the case of the blade reduce pressure, i did that (its on 9). My offset is 0, speed 6. The side of the blade case says offset is .45mm not really sure what to do with that information. Also do i continue in my CBO9U setting or do I switch to the CB09U-K60 setting? I tried looking it up before I asked for specific tool setting, I found force and speed info but nothing on the tool seting. I thought i should change it to the k60 since thats for 60 degree blades but I wasnt sure if it only applied to oem blades.Thank you for any help!!
  15. ThirdScorpioDesigns

    !! Third Scorpio Designs !!

    Hello hello! First time posting here! First time purchase of a cutter. Well, besides a Cricut. Thank you in advance for any and all advice, direction, support, ideas! -Nathan Third Scorpio Designs
  16. Hello All, I recently purchased a Graphtec CE6000-40 Plus Cutter, there seem to be a few issues and I am just completely lost at this point. We are trying to use the CorelDraw 2017 Macro with Cutting Master 3. BUT! Cutting Master 3 cannot see my cutter. we are using the USB to USB-B connection from the cutter. I cannot figure out why the software will not see the cutter. On top of it not seeing the cutter the Cutting Controller Software is giving me the Error for Code 1104. I installed the proper driver based on my cutter. I was told the installation should be a breeze, but nothing wants to properly connect to my cutter. I even tried everything while switching around from HPGL and GPGL... I am completely at a loss.
  17. Hello, all. My name is Rick and I am new to vinyl cutting. My wife has a Cricut and it seems like I took over it because of my sudden fascination in the vinyl cutting/business. I now plan to get [way] more serious and want to invest in a more advanced cutter. I am a serious believer in "buying once" instead of purchasing mediocre machines that will just lead me to purchasing "the one I need". With that said, I have been looking in to Roland and Graphtec, which appear to be leaders in the industry. I was sold on Roland first because, well, its ROLAND, but then I saw many YouTube videos on Graphtec and loved the on-board screen and looked very easy to configure. I should mention that I am in IT and pretty savvy when it comes to computers and menus, but I am all for ease of use. I recently went to a local supplier and they were recommending the Roland (GS-24) because software was easier to use, and the machine itself had American measurements, unlike Graphtec (CE6000-60 Plus) which uses metric measurements in their system. Not sure how true that is and if that is really an issue, but I made a mental note, nonetheless. NOTE: The local shop had the Roland on sale for right under $1600 (with stand), and the Graphtec was right under $1800. Maybe they were just trying to push Rolands out due to the sale they had going. So my questions are below. Please answer all or any of them. Anything helps a newbie like me and will be greatly appreciated: 1.) Which cutting/design software is more intuitive and also has more advanced features between Roland and Graphtec? 2.) Is there a third-party cutting/design software that is being used by people in the industry, instead of the factory-supplied, that will work on both machines? I am not talking about Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. 3.) Is the metric measurement on the Graphtec really something to be concerned about? 4.) GRAND QUESTION: Which is a better cutter overall (i.e., able to cut more intricate details, on-board screen is easier to use, more reliable)? I realize that my last question is very vague. If anyone knows of any pros/cons on both, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help! I'm eager to see your comments. -Rick
  18. have been using an old but faithfull graphtec fc2200-90 for nearly 20 years... untill recently when had to change a snapped drive belt then when we went to power up again.... there is no initialization routine...only the y bar moves very slowly down the table untill it get to the other end and stops no pressing of any buttons other than the power button can stop this motion has a sensor gone or something else.... would hate to bury this old faithfull just yet any thoughts ??
  19. have been using an old but faithfull graphtec fc2200-90 for nearly 20 years... untill recently when had to change a snapped drive belt then when we went to power up again.... there is no initialization routine...only the y bar moves very slowly down the table untill it get to the other end and stops no pressing of any buttons other than the power button can stop this motion has a sensor gone or something else.... would hate to bury this old faithfull just yet any thoughts ??
  20. Hey everybody I’m having a hard time cutting from my Mac 10.13 high Sierra onto my Graphtec ce 5000-60 thru Cut Master 3 latest Ver.2.2.1252 on illustrator CS6. I keep getting sync for a long time. I have the right language (GL) on my ce5000. But I’m assuming it’s my firmware because it’s version 5 and I need 6 but I can find the firmware file for Mac. It only has the firmware files for WIN. Anybody got some tips for me?
  21. Does anyone get good cuts with their Graphtec 6000 and Vinyl Master Pro? I hope someone can help me. I finally bought my Graphtec CE 6000. I was using Vinylmaster pro with a Laserpoint. I have Windows 8.1. I have talked with US cutters last week several times and they deemed that it is the software and not my new cutter. I get good cuts with Graphtec Studio and Illustrator with the Cutting master 3 plug in. The issue is that how I do all of my weekly orders, VInyl master is the most efficient and I like the weeding options better. I have a support ticket in at Vinylmaster but I am still waiting. Bade offset is at 0 Here are some images of the the cuts that I am getting with VInylmaster. I have the language set at GPGL. I sure hope that I have provided enough information. Thank you in advance for any help.
  22. Hi – I recently purchased a Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus. I'm very familiar with Illustrator and now am cutting my designs using the Cutting Master 4 plugin. I cut quite a few designs of state outlines. The machine moves very slow cutting the details for each state. I previously used a Silhouette machine and it smoothly cut the edges quickly (I think due to it's lack of detail). Does anyone have any recommendation for making these files cut quickly? I would rather not go through every design and simplify/remove points to make it less jagged, but that's my only idea right now.
  23. I recently bought a used FC7000 and had to do some work to get it to not stop in the middle of a cut. After updating drivers and the firmware that problem was fixed but a new problem began happening. When a pattern begins to cut the machine drops the cross cut blade instead of the cutting blade. Obviously this won’t work and ruins all my vinyl. If I power off then power on again it works fine again until the next time it’s been powered down for a while. Any ideas as to why this happens and how to fix it?
  24. I have a graphtec ce 6000 (2ft) plotter, and whenever i do a long sheet(vinyl) cutting and when the cutting process reached the end of the vinyl the vinyl sqeezed in the center between the pinch roller making the viny bulge in the center.. because of this reason i get an error in contour cutting. how can i solve this
  25. Hello Everyone, I currently have a Graphtec CE6000-40 and doing great stencil cutting business on eBay. I've been toying with the idea of getting a larger cutter (24") to maximize my cutting ability.(I cut a variety of stencil, not custom) I'd like to get a CE6000-60, but am also looking at other brands that may be less expensive and will do the job. My issue is that all my staple artwork is stored as ".gstudio and I'm don't know if they will be compatible. Any suggestion on equipment and/or saving options. Have a great evening! Thanks