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Found 64 results

  1. The cutter will run for a few seconds and quit. The cutter is new and using vinylmaster with usb. All i have are cut marks were the blade had cut into it. I have only been able twice to get to get an image.The software is running on default settings
  2. Hi I’m Jeanny I’m very new dealing with this type of machine and this cutter is not making the whole cuts I mean... when I’m making a circle or a letter it not cutting all the way idk what’s wrong I need help
  3. aiza_dawn

    Need help on GCC i-craft

    i bought GCC i-craft this month of june 2017 but the problem is when i click the cut button found on the sure cuts a lot 4 it sends the image to the GCC Machine, it only display the word "Cutting" but no response from the machine. I've waited too long but it does not start on cutting. When i cancel the job , it only display "please wait JOB CANCELLING" i also waited for too long but no response from the machine. I already consulted the admin of sure cuts a lot, they help me with my problem, i sent them the svg file i used , they tried it to other machine, and its ok, svg file is working fine. I dont know if the problem is on the machine or the connection between my Windows 10 OS i have on my laptop or on the GCC i-craft. I badly need your help. My GCC-i craft was stock at home, it so useless if i cant cut anything i've downloaded from the internet even tracing doesn't work also. It only cuts the basic shape found on the library of sure cuts a lot 4. I already contact technical support on gccworld, but no response from them. I hope someone on this forum will help me with regards on my cutter issue.Thanks in advance
  4. Westley77

    Vinyl Printer/Cutter

    Hi guys im new here! I wanted to ask if anyone knows about any affordable printer/cutter machine to make quality stickers that comes with a easy to use vector program on the market I can look into. I plan on printing stickers for others but Im getting confused on what people use for actual smaller stickers with vibrant colors.
  5. We are using the VinylMaster Cut v4.0 with SC-34in Cutter. I have an oval that needs to be cut out knowing it is wider then the vinyl. How do I tell the cutter to cut it in half so I can have a seam down the middle. I will try to send a pic.
  6. Hi guys, im new here and im looking for a part for the MH721 cutter plotter. The proximity sensor red button has broken, causing the machine to go crazy on startup. Ive managed to take it all to bits and take the old one out I just need to find a replacment if anyone has any ideas please???? Ive attched pictures and as you will see the red button has come away from the wire. Ive looked on google etc and cant seem to find what im looking for if anyone knows the correct name or model part id be well chuffed. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have the MH cutter and it started cutting in one spot. It will not cut a whole word, it just cuts letter over letter in one spot. Everything looks visibly ok. When I turn it on the carriage moves the length of bed. Can anyone help?
  8. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction and tell me if the z-axis chip on on the RedSail R series cutter is located on the motherboard? I need to replace the chip based on the carriage issues Ive diagosed however I dont know where it is. Ive done my own research and Ive attempted to reach Sign Warehouse however its probably easier to have someone at Enron answer the phone than them. Thanks
  9. JLS Design

    New Cutter Time

    Ok folks, it's time to upgrade my cutter. I was thinking about upgrading to a Roland from the lasercut 2 that I have. The Roland I was thinking about: I know I do not want another budget cutter, and am looking forward to improving my equipment. Any thoughts on this cutter, or is there one out there a bit better, in the same price range? Also, most these cutters should work with the SCALP4 I'm running. OR do I upgrade my program too while I'm at it? I'm used to SCALP, but not necessarily married to it. I'm just looking for some personal feed back on the equipment you have owned, and currently own, and why. Thanks in advance for your insight!! P.S., I was also looking at the Titan 3 as well maybe...
  10. Hello! I have been using a Vinyl Express R Series II 24" vinyl plotter for about a year now. Needless to say, I have certainly outgrown it, and need something bigger and better. I found a listing in my area for a used Mutoh Kona 1400 55" cutter. I've worked with a Mutoh LFP in the past, but not one of their cutters. The price is reasonable, and I could easily pay for it in one job or two. My questions are: Does anyone else use the same cutter? Is it worth purchasing used? Could I use LXi Expert with it? I'm still doing research on my own, but I wanted to check here and see if anyone else would recommend buying this cutter. Thank you in advance!
  11. Hey guys! So, I am wanting to move forward a bit, and looking into getting a cutter/printer in one. I am thinking 24inch is the size I would like, and I will need to look into laminating as well. But, just to mess around, what is a good deal on a cutter/printer combo? I am wanting to spend under 2 grand shipped if possible, thanks! -Russ
  12. Hello! I work with Graphtec FC8600-160 for about one year. The problem is- Cutter use less pressure on very left side of cutting job. I use 53 inches- 137 cm. It's very thick over laminated material. I use special cutting knife for thick materials and it works pretty well, but I can not calibrate right pressure to cut all wok good. If the Right side is very ok, then left side is less ok, and opposite... May be some of had the same issue with other cutters or directly with FC8600-160?! Thanks!
  13. Hey y'all, It's Sarah again. Right now I'm cutting with the MH871-MK2, and it's done well for what I was doing. Now I'm getting into contour cutting (I have a designjet z6100 for printing) and need something with laser/optic eye for contouring... I found a greeeat deal for a USC LaserPoint2 that somes WITH VinylMaster.. It's 379.00. Now, I have a huge order coming due where I'm going to need contour cutting in small letters. Will that machine work and work well? I want to get a Graphtec, but until I get this order DONE, the money isn't available... so should I go for the good deal and get the LP2? I've read a little about the Titan 2 and 3 and honestly wasn't impressed... Also, is the LP2 stepper or servo?? Thanks! Sarah
  14. Hello; I own a Graphtec Cutting Pro FC4100-75 My problem is when turned on, cutter motor starts up, top left light is solid green, then will not go further, the screen remains clear of any info or options except for faint grey dots. I have tried unplugging for a few hours, also turning off and on while holding up arrow or down arrow. Still nothing. Manual only suggest possible ROM or RAM issue. I wrote Graphtec and they suggested "If the screen is clear and the machine is on then it could either be a mainboard or an LCD issue." I have attached a photo. There are faint dots when turned on, so would that mean the LCD is OK?. Jobs spool and complete (I use signlab) on the PC running it. If anyone knows of this problem can help point me in direction or add insight I would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi! I am currently looking to purchase a cutter which can cut mylar stencils for sign making. From the research I have done so far, I have not found or have a great understanding of what is the proper machine to purchase. Can someone help direct me? Is US Cutter where I should be looking for a cutter of this sort? Thanks and much appreciated!
  16. Hi, I haven't used my Foison C24 cutter for a few years and have just setup a PC running Windows 7, installed Sign Blazer 6.06 (Came with cutter) and the USB drivers for the cutter. Powered up the cutter and PC, yet i can't seem to get them to talk to one another. Any ideas? 1. The cutter goes through the motions if i hold the test button down (makes all the right noises and moves etc). 2. Sign Blazer starts fine, in the cutter options it finds the driver for Foison C24, it also shows COM4: USB Cutter (or similar on the USB connection and changes if i put it in another port) 3. Hitting "cut tile" brings up the usual screen and time to complete bar as if it has talked to the cutter (If i switch the machine offline before this, then it waits - so i'm thinking it is somehow talking to it to know that it's offline) 4. Cutter sits there like a lemon.... Could Windows 7 be the problem? Have i missed a critical setting somewhere in the Cutter Setup dialog box? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Jim
  17. Question for everyone, looking to order new vinyl cutter. I like the titan 3 was torn between the 28" and 68" like the 28" price but don't want to be limited in the future on design sizes. anyways I saw on ebay they have a 54" cutter for sale for a really good price and that would be a good size for the me. question is was there anything wrong with the 54s and should I purchase a cutter that has no warranty like the one on ebay. Thanks for the help.
  18. I ordered a KNK Force and accessories a month ago and need to sell it. I just don't have the time that I thought I'd have to learn it in-between work and family (spouse has various health issues that have cropped back up). Blades were never used, only my pen tool. Everything is in perfect shape. (1) KNK Force (1) KNK Force Engraving Tool (2) KNK Force Standard Detail Blades (Red) (2) Force 15"x15" Mats (6) Oracal 651 Vinyl 12" I'm using SCAL 4 Pro for Mac, but you can use any software that's compatible. I'll have to read the terms on SCAL 4 Pro for Mac, but the license may be non-transferrable. Contact me if you're interested.
  19. Ok.....I finally got my CT630 working! Now the question is how do I set it so that I'm not wasting a lot of vinyl for small designs??? Is it possible to rotate the image so that it cuts lengthwise and not vertically on the vinyl? And can I set it up were it will cut the same image side by case I have to continue to cut vertically. Thanks!
  20. Hey guys! My names Axyl and I run a small vinyl sticker business in Western Australia. Refine Pro-24 & Signcut Pro Last weekend my cutter started malfunctioning mid-cut. The screen is stuck on "Thank you for cutting!" And the actual cutting module keeps repeatedly bashing up against the side of the machine as soon as I flick the power on. I'm stressing out like crazy because I have a lot of people relying on me for business stickers and car vinyls etc. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this error, or perhaps anyone in WA, or even Australia can fix it. Even Refines contact details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks heaps guys! Axyl

    Automatic vinyl weeding machine?

    Is there such thing as an affordable automatic vinyl weeding machine? I am aware that the weeder sheeter exists; is there something that weeds the inner pieces as well as the background pieces? Thanks!
  22. Hi everyone! I hope I'm posting it in the right area - this forum seem to have a good amount of traffic so hopefully it can help. I apologize if it's not. New to decal/vinyl making, and got my SC Cutter 34" set up in no time today using Sure Cuts a Lot Pro 3 for Mac. Got the machine going and software set up, and made my very first print without too much headache - except for one minor issue: The pinch roller is leaving textured marks on the vinyl after a cut (attached is a photo of the finished piece after weeding - if you look at the B you can see the what I mean about the roller putting textured marks where the vinyl is being pushed down on the textured silver area). I'm using the 12"x5 yard Greenstar vinyl. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  23. stealey1986

    graphtex fc 3100-120 HELP!!

    hi i have a graphtec fc3100-120. its been disconnected for a few months but was working in November. i have connected it back up to the computer it was running with sign blazer but when i send a job to cut it doesn't go to the cutter and the output on sign blazer says its idle?? any ideas please cheers
  24. rpguns

    not cutting center of letters

    Hi a customer has a logo that they want cut. I tried to cut it (Imported as .EPS) but it wont cut the center of the letters IE A,B D, etc... They told me it was created in Photoshop (I don't have photoshop) The file is a .EPS file. I put their logo into Corel Draw , and "converted to vector" and it shows up with the center of the letters not cut again! Has this happened to anyone (with signblazer?) is there an option somewhere to tell signblazer to cut the centers out of the letters (someone told me flexi has an option "with holes / without holes".... any help is appreciated!
  25. Hello, this post will be a work in progress as I brainstorm (and fumble) my way through a process to make a working media basket for my Copam CP-2500 vinyl cutter on a low budget. The goal here is to get others to make a similar media basket for their cutters, regardless of brand (unless they've purchased a factory stand that already includes a media basket). I'll edit this post to be more concise and proper once I work through some design challenges (like how to mount it to my existing stand), what sizes and dimensions I'll use etc. It is not intended on being an instructional article per se (at least off the start), but rather a bit of motivation for others to use to make one themselves for their cutters. We can also brainstorm and post ideas on how to overcome design challenges and make improvements since others may have better ideas than myself. This post may be rewritten as a "How To" though if I make some satisfactory progress in the period of time to come. Running cost total so far: $19.99 CAD So far the materials I've sourced out include: 1 - IKEA shoe rack called LUSTIFIK for $7.99 CAD that I will disassemble and cut and drill accordingly to make the basket frame and arms. There are ample metal tubes included in this shoe rack as it is. It will easily fit a 38" or longer (or shorter) plotter stand since the pipes can extend horizontally or lengthwise depending on how you're positioning them. Also, IKEA sells these metal tubes separately in their Drapery section of the store for $1.99 or more (I can't remember what the larger tube piece cost). I will need to buy two more "arms" in the future so I have 4 in total (you get 2). 1 - 54"x84" 60% Polyester and 40% Cotton Window Curtain for $12.00 CAD from a discount merchandiser for the basket material. I wanted a material that was as static friendly as possible in it's blend since we all know that static and vinyl cutters are no fun and pure Polyester is a static unfriendly material. I looked this up on the web and I was led to believe that the more Polyester blend, the worse off you'll be since it holds a negative static charge. Cotton on the other hand seems to be neutral in static charge. The material had to be strong enough to take some abuse but not heavy enough to cause other issues. I'll obviously need to get someone to cut and sew this material into a suitable looping "W-shaped" basket but that's where I'll employ my Mother to help I also chose a brown color for the basket since my Copam is beige and the store didn't have a black curtain available at the time I was buying. I have attached some pictures of what I've got so far and I'll add more pictures as I go along... I have also attached some images of a USCutter stand (from this website) so those images are Copyrighted by USCutter and all credit goes to them accordingly. I'm sort of emulating the USCutter stand as a template to work from. My plan is to cut the curved/rounded sections of the bars exactly in half to make identical sections for the front facing frame section as well as for the rear facing frame section. The arm extensions simply slide into the curved pieces as well. I'll need mounting brackets of some type too and the goal is to slide the basket arms forward and backward as needed to allow room for the media to come off the cutter into the basket. Of course, I think they should be able to retract so not to take up space when not needed. Anyhow, this is Day 1 of my design challenge. I'll post more as I progress. Stay tuned! Your comments and feedback (good or bad) are encouraged. Let's make this design something functional and decent but not too "ghetto looking".