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Found 6 results

  1. Ok guys, lets call this a hypothetical. Say I wish to compete with a high school's adopted mascot/logo. I don't want to use the graphic they have. I want to introduce a brand new one. Lets further say I want it, down the road, to become the official one. If not becoming the official one, then a beloved alternative. Does a brand new graphic, not at all like the first, likely violate some state stature? I have looked, but it about as clear as mud about the school name and name of the mascot. Say they are the Franklin Birds. I have searched the tradedmark database for the state and find no Franklin Birds. Can I couple my brand new mascot/graphic/logo with the school name and not violate copyright or trademark. Seems there should be some wiggle room someplace to allow competition. Note that I am not so much trying to be clandestine with them, as just to make a few say shirts or promotional items to create a buzz that would make them receptive. I don't want to agitate them, but would like them to see some samples on the students without breaking any laws, before I approach. Otherwise I will just go to the front door and try. I feel though if I had a legal way to make some items and gain some campus support first, it could go a long way. Even if all I do is put the mascot/logo with no wording on some items, that might be enough for a start is my thought.
  2. he's got all these designs on display, people go up and tell em what design, what color shirt and he presses em there on the spot. I would guess that a large percentage of his designs contain blatant copyright protect logos like NFL logos, comic book logos/designs, etc. While it's true I guess he could have a legitimate licensing agreements in place, I know for a fact (i read it once on the internet...) that doing business with the NFL alone is a minimum of like $50,000. Has anyone else ever seen anyone setup shop like this?
  3. Hello to everybody So here’s the deal. Sign making or decal cutting is not something I have had experience before. I have thinking of about it last 6 months though cause it is not just seems like a way to make living, but really to do something with passion and offer people products that they really love. I have many great ideas about vinyl decals as well some lifestyle products that i really would like to offer to those who are after them. Now the good thing is that there is plenty of information around and googling alone gives you all the basics you need to start off. But there is one particular topic that cuts me off the progress at the moment and that is legality of using logos and artwork. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ As I understand (correct me if i am wrong) when you want to use a brand logo for example and sell your product there is two possible ways to do it: A) Get a permission from original holder of the copyright or B)Buy a product from an authorized distributor and sell it then. Now there is a row of questions I came up but can’t really get the answer that i am looking for from web. 1. Let’s say you want to get a permission to print and sell a logo of popular brand from an original owner. That does probably require proof of huge sale numbers no matter how good your idea is right? 2. Let’s say i want to buy a large amount of brand name stickers from a random manufacturer. How can I make sure the seller has copyrights? Do I have to ask any particular proof from seller or contact original owner of the brand logo and ask them instead? 3. How can i really determine what can I sell and what not? It is obvious that “Porsche” logo is protected but what about numbers “911” or lets say the letters “GT”. 4. Is there a thing like a logo or brand name manipulation - changing part of the logo or name. For example making a Red Bull logo but having cats’ instead of bulls. Or adding extra letter end of the brand name. For example “Apples” instead of “Apple” which of course means that an user can just remove letter “s” and still have a original name of the brand. Is it legit? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ I know that laws vary in different countries and there is probably no straightforward answers but I would bring as much glance into the subject for myself as well other beginners so one could make his living in honest way. Also i personally would like to create something original not to just copy others products. Any information, experience, examples or articles (if not overly complex clauses) would be much appreciated. Nice to be here and thanks in advance
  4. ladymare

    Legal Question

    Legal Question - I got a cease and desist letter from a private seller stating I'm using their design in my etsy shop. However I have purchased the images separately and put the weapons together to spell "LOVE" which is very popular on my shop. I looked up the trademark she has and all of her weapons are different though - the overall look is similar. If you were to search it out on Etsy you would find HUNDREDS of listings for similar art decals (which understandably doesn't really help me any). Also should be noted they said "Trademark" which i believe is completely different from the word "copyright." I looked her TM # up and she does indeed have it for HER image. What do I do? Find my own representation? I feel like this is that weird gray area of intellectual property. I'm scheduling an appointment with JAG in the morning since it's available to me, but thought I'd ask you guys first - plus they aren't open til the morning. :/ There is about a 50% (+) difference between mine and hers.
  5. sleeveofwizzard

    Not my website but I had to share

    Hey yall I just came across this website and was shocked. More copyright infringement than I have ever seen! No company is safe I guess. The best part is that on the about us page they mention their copyright! Excerpt from the site for your enjoyment: "Disclaimer: Some logos and graphics on our web site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. They are provided as a convenience only for their lawful use. Any unauthorized use of these items by the purchaser shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. By purchasing these logos, you are indicating that you have authority and permission to use the logo or trademark."
  6. Ok so I am getting everything together for a job I am starting. Doing some hole sponsor signs and a banner for a charity golf event. I told the customer from the get go that I will need a release from each company giving me permission to print / cut their logo for this event. Just curious what you guys have done in this type of situation and what I need to make sure is on the release. I don't want to break any laws. Also the banner will have names only and not the logos, is this the same thing or does the copyright only apply to he logo? I may create a release myself and have him send it out to the clients, hmmmm.