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Found 3 results

  1. My license for signcut expired and for some reason the software shortcuts stopped working on my computer, so I had to re download the software and reinstall it. When I did this, I lost all my settings, so i reinstalled the software, recovered the license, and purchased a new one, so far so good. However, when I plug in my cutter, and choose the com, I only get usb 1, or comm 7 as choices. When choosing either of these I go to try a test print, and the button is greyed out. If I choose to just cut, the cutting dialogue comes up with the progress bar as if it is cutting, however it never cuts. I know the computer is communicating with the cutter, because it can read width correctly.
  2. I'm using an SC-series cutter and SignCut Pro on a Mac. I've got the standard Roland 45 blades, though I've tried the 60s as well with no changes. I've tried everything from 200mm/s to 800mm/s (settled on 600 since neither extreme shows any change) and I've been going at 100g of force (125 peels up the smaller pieces and 75 doesn't cut all the way through). So here's the problem: I'm cutting relatively small designs (about 3.5" x 2" at the smallest, with shapes that are sometimes about 1-2mm long/wide). I have two problems that show up, sometimes together and sometimes separately. Sometimes the cutter cuts out the shapes I want, but it adds small tails to them. Sometimes the cutter cuts about 99% of the shape I want but then it doesn't close the shape, which can be very minor or it can be a large proportion of the smaller shapes (for instance, a triangle becomes a > instead). When I say tails, I mean that instead of a O I get a _O (a circle with an extra line coming off it that makes it look more like a Q or a P). I just recently found the Overcut option in advanced cutting settings and that seems to yield results on larger designs, but where a half millimeter or millimeter overcut is just fine with a large shape, it's devastating to something that's less than 1/4" long. This isn't a giant problem when I'm using vinyl as an etching mask (it's still a time-consuming pain in the butt), but it makes it utterly impossible to create decals that have very fine details or very small shapes. Weeding completely destroys my image, as the smaller pieces are either cut up or they're still attached to the weeded background. I don't really know what all of the SignCut settings do, but I've experimented with Settings > Cutter > Offset, Advanced Settings > Overcut, and I'm looking at Lead-In Length to try to figure out what that does. The problem is that nothing yields the results I need, which is no extra cuts and 100% closed shapes. I've also tried messing with the blade depth, using a new blade, and using the 60 degree blade. None of those really seemed to help, though setting the blade too far out does make the tails extra bad. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix for it? At the very least, can someone point me to an instruction manual for SignCut? I thought Overcut was the setting I needed, but it just trades one problem for another. It works for larger designs, but for my smaller designs it's just not enough. There's something more fundamental screwing me up. Oh, one other interesting point: this does not happen with the pen plotter. It's something about the fact that there's a rotating blade cutting through a physical material that requires software correction (and it's not static, as this happens with all vinyls I've tried and it happens with or without the anti-static clip thing). Please help?
  3. Hey everyone, So I finally got my LaserPoint II cutter set up and my Mac recognizes the USB port just fine from SignCut Pro. I can adjust the knife settings from SCP using the arrow keys and the cutting preview looks spot on when I animate it from the preview window. Everything should be good on the USB port communication front. I thought everything was alright, so I started the cut this morning and once the machine started up, I noticed that the cutting blade was rotating as it should (in the shape of the design), but it was just cutting a jagged straight line across the edge of my vinyl (15" white Thermoflex Plus). When I looked at the cutter more closely, I saw that the grit rollers at the bottom of my machine were rotating, but the vinyl was not moving back and forth at all. So the cutting head is moving correctly based on the design I was cutting out, but since the vinyl was not being moved by the grit rollers, the cutting blade kept cutting the same row as it moved left to right (hence the jagged straight cut). I then tested the vinyl feed from the cut preview window in SCP (so I didn't waste anymore vinyl) and the grit rollers are moving while the vinyl just stays in one place. Does anybody know how to fix this? I think it's just a matter of the grit rollers needing to be adjusted so that they allow the vinyl to move back and forth easily, but since the operator's manual is less than helpful I figured I'd post a shout-out here for all of your expertise. (I also have a support ticket submitted, but I need to get this project done and support doesn't reply until Mondays). Thank you in advance.